Saturday, January 26, 2013

back by unpopular demand

hi. are we still friends?
 i know, i know. i claimed i was "back". but i wasn't. really, it's not you. it's me. and i'm not going to go all rick astley on you and claim i'm not going to give you up, let you down, or desert you. 
i'm not promising anything. but you don't come here for empty promises, do you? 

so, i dislike when really great things hit overkill level. supersaturation, if you will. 
take these fake jcrew bubble necklaces:
they are so fun! i loveLOVElove mine! but i love it less all the time because they are everywhere! i don't want to sound like some weirdo who canNOT be associated with anything mainstream (cough, cough hipsters everywhere), but it makes me sad that one day my daughters are going to laugh and ask to borrow it on dress like it's 2012 day. fun necklaces shouldn't turn into the butt of a joke!

 i can admit that i like kelly clarkson. i think chevron is fun. there is no shame in eating at olive garden because you like the food. some things are popular because they are GREAT! but, when the market becomes so saturated with an item, i find that it really dates it quickly. 
par exemple:

what year do you think of when you see these?

1999 right? but i don't want to party like it's 1999 when i see these. i think, "ew gross why would anyone over 10 want to wear these?"
but GROWN WOMEN sported these. we sold them at my college job for 15 cents apiece to.... grown women. 

sure, the faux jcrew bubble necklace is a far cry from a butterfly clip, but nothing fantastic should become a cliche.

how bout a year for this one:
1994! love it or hate it now, you had it. and then you hated it because everyone had it. personally, i loved it because it looked good on me. layered haircuts are my friend, my friends. i felt this haircut was a coming of age moment for me. i shed my decade of perms or grown out perms for this cut and i felt like things were finally looking up. because after a perm, things can only look up. BUT, because of the haircut overkill, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. 


and here's my cute baby:

the end!