Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1993 called, they want their bodysuit back

were bodysuits all the rage at your junior high? because the were the fashion choice of champions at mine. georgeff-baker junior high had an overabundance of bodysuits. for some reason, we 12, 13, and 14 year old girls thought it was the coolest thing in the world to wear a tight, swimsuit-like top with our jeans all day long. it was the epitome of tacky. tacky with a crotch snap. i confess that i had one. i begged for it. it was long-sleeved and jewel-tone purple. the scallopped neckline was cut so that the buttons on the front were supposed to pull apart suggestively so that you could catch a glimpse of cleavage. fortunately(or unfortunately if you were a pubescent male classmate of mine) i have never had any type of bust and so a quick glimpse of my training bra wasn't ever going to happen.

fast forward 17 years(it causes me physical pain to type that). i receive the chadwicks quarterly catalog. it makes me feel ancient and uncomely that i receive a catalog that advertises hidden tummy panels and mom jeans. however, surprise of all surprises, they have some GREAT stuff!!!
i ordered this easter dress from chadwicks for about $40:
and that brings me to my most recent obession. i want a bodysuit. and chadwick's has them. there, i said it. i want a shirt with a crotch snap. but not just any old bodysuit, it needs to be a collared shirt bodysuit. i think it will be a great layering piece in the fall and winter. i love a crisp collared shirt and i hate that they always get bunchy underneath a sweater or jacket or come untucked from your pants or skirt. a collared shirt body suit is the perfect solution. even though a bodysuit goes against everything i stand for, i still want it. and it's only $29.99