Tuesday, February 06, 2007

netflix, oh how i pine for you

yesterday i was randomly flipping channels and i saw that TCM is showing all oscar winning movies from now until the academy awards ceremony in march! oh joy!!! it was showing one of my all-time favorite movies "sunset boulevard". i tried to tear myself away since i had seen it enough, but how often are REALLY good movies on tv anymore? i am so jealous of those of you that have netflix. i yearn and burn for the ability to rent movies that i actually want to watch. i never even go to blockbuster anymore; all they have is straight to video crap anyway. perhaps i will ask for a netflix plan for my birthday..........
here is my list of what i would rent:
sunset boulevard-creepy, engrossing, depressing, beautiful and tragic all at the same time.
mask-cher doing what she does best, being a trashy biker mom. she just happens to have a horribly disfigured son too. excellent movie.
the elephant man-speaking of disfigurement, this movie makes me weep. so good, makes me want to treat people better.
strictly ballroom-stock up on your sequins and hairspray first. awesome soundtrack too.
shadowlands-don't even bother with make-up the day you watch this. it will just be a waste. leaves you emotionally raw.
sargeant york-i am proud to be a religious person and an american. makes you grateful for simple things.
on golden pond-ignore hanoi jane, this movie will make you excited for the rest of your life with your spouse.
sliding doors-what have you done in your life that completely changed the path that you are on?


hjh_1234 said...

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Thomas said...

Ouch. My feet hurt so bad. All the hints being dropped on them must have broken something.

(And you left off Top Gun and Tombstone.)

Rachel Connett said...

Thomas, you know that you can get a plan for 5.99 a month, right? Show our little girl some LOVE! Valentines Day!
I would recommend Everything is Illuminated, very different but enjoyable. And She's the Man, it makes me laugh every time!!
We love Netflix-

Thomas said...

While I appreciate all constructive input, such as Rachel Connett's, I don't think the appropriate point has been made. 5.99 a month represents SIX Whopper Jrs., SIX beef meximelts, SIX McDonald's ice cream cones, and none of those things takes two hours to enjoy. Plus, I like being able to watch the movie I want to watch, not the one Netflix feels like sending me. Sure, you spend two hours cuddled on the couch watching classics that aren't available anywhere else, but what about The Office, The Colbert Report, and The O'Reilly Factor? Doesn't Nexflix infringe upon our sovereign right to view mindless drivel instead of inspiring drama? I will not fecklessly surrender my freedom to laugh at Dwight Schrute while chomping on cheap fast food. My kids are counting on me.

thomasheidisimpson said...
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heidiluxe said...

see what i put up with!

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

I don't get it - YOU get to pick what Netflix sends you. It's not like they arbitrarily send you some random movie. PLUS, at $5.99 a month, it's WAY cheaper than renting two DVDs from Blockbuster. And if you time it right, you could have a new movie in your mailbox every weekend. What a deal!

Plus, you CAN watch "The Office" through Netflix. You can catch up on all your favorite episodes from the first two seasons! And any other tv shows you have a hankering to watch.

ventingzebra said...

Sliding Doors is absolutely one of my favorites! It was at Walmart for $5.50 and I wish I had gotten it!