Tuesday, January 30, 2007

pageant recap

miss oklahoma won. she was under the radar the whole time. i kept forgetting she was even a contestant. nothing about her stood out to me. except the bottom half of her evening gown. the black sequins looked like shimmery, wet leather. and i sort of liked that. and once again miss mississippi and miss alabama made it to the top 5. they deserve prizes just for consistency. but miss oklahoma? i thought her performance was iffy and a little pitchy, her answers to the interview questions were asinine, and she seemed to have as much personality as a block of wood. i was really rooting for miss mississippi. her talent was incredible(pianists do not get the credit they deserve) her answer to the question about hurricane katrina was DYNAMITE!!! and she maintained a decorum and poise about her that surprised me. at first glance she looked like a flighty sorority girl; she must have had one heck of a pageant coach.
anyway, i DETESTED miss georgia. and it pains me to say that. thomas wanted to kick her off the stage. i found her unpleasant to look at, her talent mediocre, her answers to interview questions inappropriate and confusing(she liked "no child left behind" but she doesn't like testing??? i'm not sure what that means) and i was ECSTATIC that she didn't win. we already have tara conner making a fool of herself. we don't need miss america acting the same way.
i did like miss texas but i thought that she did seem a bit unpolished. but not bad for her first real pageant.
final word-miss utah- i must say that i am always a little skeptical of miss utah contestants. having lived in utah for five years and being born there and also a daugther of utah pioneers i feel a kinship to the state. but recently i have been greatly disappointed in the contestants in this pageant and miss usa that are byu students and alum, but don't look like it. being miss utah while being a byu student means to me that they will look a little more modest than the rest of the pack. and katie millar filled that order. i thought she did a great job on the evening gown competition and it looked like she even added extra sleeve fabric to her introductions dress, and i must say that her swimsuit competition dress was EXCEEDINGLY modest. is there such a thing a too modest? or should i just say not flattering. mad props to her to being forthright with her standards, i just wish she could have picked something a little more exciting and lost the grandma sash around her waist. if the swimsuit competition is supposedly about physical fitness(which i have my doubts about) then the sash and suit did not make her look any more fit or muscular. i think the sash actually made her look like she had more weight than she does, and she is a very petite girl. so i took the liberty of picking a few other options for her if she chooses to pursue the title of miss utah usa in the future:

still one piece suits but a little more exciting. is this wrong of me to want my good mormon girls to have some pizazz???


Franco said...

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Paula said...

I am digging the swimsuits. very cute. I also loved your miss america picture. I remember that tiara from BYU days....