Thursday, January 04, 2007


1. write in my journal weekly
2. write to my missionary family members weekly
3. family home evening every week
4. eat vegetables daily
5. exercise only when i feel well, not because i want to
6. following weekly cleaning chart
7. read a book to reagan everyday
8. go to bed at 10:30pm at the LATEST
9. do my visiting teaching every month
10. avoid tv shows that i don't want my children to watch


Jessica said...

i hear you on the eat vegetables daily thing! the journal one is also something i should adopt seeing as to how it has literally been almost 2 years since i've written in mine. thats what blogs are for, right? haha.

Valoree said...

Very good resolutions. You'll have to keep us up to date on how you do with those. I need to do several of those myself!

Emily said...

heidi, those are great! the FHE thing is on my list too. so far so good.