Friday, January 12, 2007

take a seat, this may take a while

storytime-please have the librarian reading the story to the children at storytime be able to read basic words. today i took reagan to storytime and the book read was Olivia Saves the Circus. each time the librarian was supposed to say lion tamer, she would say lion taNer. i was trying to give her the benefit of the doubt being that we are in alabama and sometimes our accents get the best of us, but she cleary and confidently said numerous times: TANER. what in the world is a taner?

a baby story on TLC-i usually don't watch this show because i can't stand watching women give birth, especially with no medication. that doesn't make me excited at all for july 6th. today i just happened to be watching the program and the nurse/midwife gave completely wrong and bad information. i hate when nationally televised programs with some credibility have people on there that don't know what they are talking about. even worse, this woman was assisting a new mother. the nurse/midwife stated that she really hoped that the mother-to-be would avoid a cesarean section so that she could have a vaginal birth in the future. WRONG!
from the mayo clinic website:

"Years ago, a C-section ended any hope of future vaginal deliveries. Now, however, most C-sections involve an incision that is unlikely to tear during a subsequent labor, so vaginal birth after Caesarean section (VBAC) is a safe option for many women."

this was a very recent episode of a baby story, so the chances of her doctor using an incision that would leave her unable to have a vaginal birth in the future is very slim. i think some people just like to scare people.

speaking of scaring people...

Rosie O'Donnell- i just want her to SHUT UP!

i feel the need to take donald trump's side in their little spat just because she is sososo annoying. and she is a loser and a bully. sure, i think that trumpster should have given miss usa her walking papers after the whole underage drinking, alledged drug use and promiscuity debacle, but it is his organization so he can do what he wants. i'll just maintain my opinion. but rosie as a bastion for morality??? what is she talking about? her failed broadway musical "TABOO" was glorifying debauchery and sex. her magazine "rosie" was a flop. she sued the magazine publisher who claimed the failure of the magazine was due to O'Donnell's uncooperative, rude and violent behavior within the magazine's offices. Of note was a former magazine colleague and breast cancer survivor who testified that O'Donnell said to her on the phone that "people who lie die of cancer."
furthermore, on her show "the view" or as i like to call it, "the view of liberal narcissists", rosie loves to be a know-it-all and throw out "statistics" about her causes. i think she believes that manipulated half-truths are statistics. don't even get me started on her FBI statistics about pedophiles. that one REALLY steamed me. blatant lies to promote the gay agenda. once again, i do not appreciate people peddling their skewed thoughts as truths on tv. get some correct information and maybe i'll listen.
i used to watch "the view" occasionally because i liked elisabeth hasslebeck, the lone voice of conservatism and abstract thought on the show. but since rosie has been on the show, lizzie seems frazzled and tired of being constantly attacked and belittled for her beliefs and just agrees or remains quiet most of the time. i hope the show tanks.

the office- if you are not watching this show, i hope you are reading your scriptures or in a coma. last night's episode was genius. i always enjoy the episodes, but this season has been more funny than laugh out loud and roll on the floor hilarious. last night was fresh meat. WOW! phyllis is a sales rep? and a clever one at that? andy, i don't know whether to applaud your deceitfulness or hate your awful guts. your deceitfulness made me realize my deep and abiding love for dwight, as ridiculous as that sounds. i can't wait to see what angela has planned for you as revenge, but i bet it involves cats. and i know it will be scary and painful. she is one wicked christian. andy, thanks for being the spice this season, you horrible, no-good twit.
of course, who would have thought that dwight would have been the one to sacrifice it all for love? that angela is a lucky girl.
michael, you are a competent salesperson! i guess you had to be made manager somehow. surely, if angela doesn't castrate andy, you will at least see his poor salesmanship and fire him because of that. a wonderful episode indeed.

target- i used to dread making returns at target because they have absolutely unhelpful staff and there always seems to be a loophole to their returns policy. but there has been a breakthrough. for christmas, my m-i-l bought me some maternity shirts. they were both ginormous(i have no boobs) and there was no way i could wear them. the clincher is that she bought them online and had no store receipt. i did have the online printout proving the purchase and price. i took all my items and printout and braced for the worst. the sullen cashier told me that my computer printout didn't count as a receipt, but that they did have a new computer system where you could try and look up and print out the receipt. she pointed to a kiosk and that is where all help from her ended. fortunately, the system can look up a sales history from your online purchase id(or from your name, i think) and create a new receipt for you. hurray! i quickly and easily found the receipt, printed it and i was able to return both shirts for FULL PURCHASE PRICE!!! now i have a gift card for target! i can't wait for the spring maternity lines to hit the store so i can go on a mini shopping spree!!! (how frugal am i that i consider a $40 gift card a shopping spree?)

sidenote-i bid on a maternity shirt on ebay,
however, it wasn't until later that i noticed it was in british pounds. the shirt is still a great deal, i am just a little uneasy about how much it is going to cost to ship this $4 shirt from scotland. any experienced ebayers have some suggestions? i am still waiting to hear from the seller.


Jessica said...

LOVE the post. first off. rosie o'donnel annoys the crap out of me too. unfortunately, i can't look at or listen to donald trump without thinking he's such a parody of himself. seriously, have you seen the SNL sketches of him? he's ridiculous. and the view is retarded. they all just like to talk and think they're really intelliegent and well-informed. they can all shut-up in my opinion.

second, LOVED the office last night. the funniest part was when jim slapped dwight in the face as dwight is telling him he'd be able to defend himself from a frontal attack. HILARIOUS. and i loved seeing all the sales people actually doing a real job selling stuff. so great. i can't WAIT to see what happens next.

finally, having sold internationally on ebay, you should be able to get it shipped global priority mail for no more than about $6.25 in a flat rate envelope, perhaps cheaper. however, some countries don't do global priority mail and now that i think about it, thats shipping from the US to another country so i'm not really sure how it would work from another country to the US.

and sorry this is SOOOOOOOOO long! hope you're feeling well. when are you having your ultrasound?

love ya, jessica

Emily said...

Heidi, that shirt is really pretty. what is the fabric?

I LOVE THE OFFICE. I agree the season's keep getting better and better. Andy annoys me, but I though this ooompa loompa song was pretty funny and i like is charlie and the choclate factory analogy of the new people.

I thought it was great to see Angela smile and be happy at the coffe shop with Pam. Side note: I've always thought Pam is so cute... but ever since the new girl (G.I.'s daughter -remember Michael asks her that on her first day?) I now think she is so pretty and kinda makes PAm look musky with a slight mustache.- don't get me wrong i still like PAm and think she's cute and has a great personality, I just think that new girl (can't even remember her name) gives her some run for her money. interesting that she now knows that Jim used to crush on Pam. Curious to see the dynamic now...

I could really go on.. i love this show... but i'll save anything for for another day!