Monday, January 29, 2007

here i am, miss america!!!

tonight is the miss america pageant on CMT! i am so excited. everyone needs to watch. this national institution is becoming more and more neglected and overshadowed every year. i have always wanted to be in a beauty(scholarship) pageant, but the whole swimsuit competition sort of deterred me. now i have my sites set on a mrs. america pageant. i can only dream.
speaking of, last night i dreamt that i was miss missouri and that i had a big fake hair piece on and i was waiting with the other contestants for them to announce the top 20. if only i had dreamt i was miss alabama or miss mississippi. they have the best track records of winning or high finishes. then i would have made it into the top 20.
my picks for tonight- miss arizona(long shot, but so endearing-loved her on the CMT pageant school program)miss mississippi, miss michigan, miss arkansas, miss kansas(as much as it pains me to support anything from kansas)and even more painful to cheer for is miss tennessee. i hate rocky top! but her name is blair pancake so she can't be all bad! and who i don't want to win after i read that her career ambition was "to integrate theatre into a pediatric clinical practice" is miss connecticut. is it just me or does that sound REALLY contrived???

my miss america picture with my best cheesy smile. i happen to be pretty good at those.

this bib is available for only $5.00. if this baby is a girl, you know she will be getting one!!!

a final word-dr. 90210 is a mormon. am i the last to know this??? how did i find this out, you ask? simply blogger stalking. a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend has mentioned on her blog that she saw him at their chapel one sunday when they arrived early. she had heard rumors that he was in the same stake, but the same building??? yowzers. who'd of thunk it? not me FO SHO! and let me just add an "eww" to that too.


Jessica said...

which doctor on 90210 is mormon? that show is so intriguing to me. scott thinks its so gross, but i love watching it.

you know we'll be watching the pageant tonight! its become a tradition. even scott watches it with me. haha.

heidiluxe said...

dr. robert rey. the man obsessed with himself and karate!!! thomas doesn't believe me, but that has never stopped me from saying something in the past!
thomas is watching with me right now!!!
plus, i have really sucked on my picks this time. last time on miss teen usa i picked the winner from the opening introductions.

Jessica said...

oh please post a rant and rave about the idiot who won. seriously, the one thing she'd change about herself if she could was to be 3 inches taller?! this is the "role model" for america to prove that woman deserve equal pay as men in the workforce?! i think i'm done with the miss america pageant. i am completely disillusioned with the judging process, because i don't get it!

Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Where's the link to the blog or web site that says he's Mormon???? Whenever I catch Dr. 90210, I always watch. That Dr. Rey is a piece of work! I think he's kind of a jerk to his wife and she has ISSUES!!!

I feel bad I missed Miss America as well as 24. Going to bed at 7:30 will wreak havoc on a tv watching schedule.

Valoree said...

I can't believe that about Dr. 90210. I watch that show sometimes but you would never guess from the way they dress or act that they are mormons! That's crazy!

Caroline said...

You would make a Perfect Miss America!