Wednesday, December 20, 2006


sure-eee, my ymca nemesis is claiming that she is done with spinning class. while in class on monday, she broke her bike,(she claims that she was riding it too hard, of course) and that she was forever done with spinning. this was her fourth bike that she had "finished" and she was taking it as an omen for her to quit. i don't care what she says, i just hope that she isn't getting my hopes up and she really is quitting. i shall keep you posted.
also, a gripe:
i have noticed an overwhelming number of vehicles that do not get out of the way when an emergency vehicle is approaching. this drives me INSANE! what more does an ambulance or fire truck need to do to prove that it is going to an emergency? do the sirens and horns not mean anything? do they think it is a parade? twice in the past two weeks i have seen car pull out in front of emergency vehicles, hindering the speed and the agility of the ambulance. call me crazy, but aren't we as drivers supposed to pull over to the side of the road until emergency vehicles have passed? i have even had drivers honk at me because i was slowing for an ambulance. thoughts on this?


Valoree said...

Yeah, I hate that, too. You wonder who taught these people how to drive and how would they feel if they were the one waiting on that ambulance or police man!

Caroline said...

That is too funny cause the guy I was telling you about broke a bike this week too!
What about the people that don't pull over for a funeral. That makes me mad!