Tuesday, March 01, 2011

make it work

i just finished tim gunn's golden rules: life's little lessons for making it work.
i'm all about a good bit of etiquette but this book read more like a really really long blog entry about things that annoy him and things he finds offensive and weird experiences he had with rude people(not that that's a bad thing). the crazy stories include anecdotes about martha stewart, anna wintour, andre leon talley and padma lakshmi and several unnamed celebrities. those stories made the whole book worth it right there. it was mostly a good book, but it started to drag toward the end with unnecessary stories and somewhat aimless ramblings. i wouldn't call it an etiquette handbook, it was more of a just be mature and don't do dumb things handbook.
3/5 stars

the one thing i really didn't agree with was when he said that women over 30 should cut their hair to  above the shoulder. NEVER! i have less than 2 months until i am over 30 and i will cut my hair short the day britney spears calls me and says she needs my precious locks because she went crazy again and shaved her head and needs my hair to create a new wig.

be jeal, the weather has been fantastic!

cardigan- target
belt- gap
dress- thrifted
floral ballet flats- target


Carie said...

LOVE the thrifted dress. Love the outfit.

rebecca said...

beautiful dress. love the stripes


Anonymous said...

I knew it! Title was Tim's signature quote! ... haaaa I love him although I don't really think all his rules are true, he also says that nobody should wear crop pants and I think they look great on me! ... At the enf of the day I guess it's all about well... making it work!

ps- I cracked over the Britney line
<3 Cess O.

Master P said...

PFFFFFT. After 40, maybe, but 30?? It's the new 18!! (Love the ensemble!)

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Glad you read it. Like I said, it definitely starts fun but ends kind of flat.

And Tim didn't say that EVERY WOMAN over 30 should cut their hair, just MOST WOMEN...so consider yourself the exception to the rule!

Leah said...

Fashion rules are so yesterday!! :) I mean, really, like we need someone else to tell us something is ok or looks nice. Just sayin'
Love your locks...keep em'! The black & white dress is adorable. I'm getting anxious to go thrifting again. Not enough hours in my evening - I wonder if my boss would be ok if I just took a day off to get some thrifting in?! :)

Brittney said...

color me jeal on two counts: (1) the weather. obv. goes without waying. bare legs? i long for the day. (2) your dress. jeal of the fact that you own it and look adorable in it and there are horizontal stripes on the bottom and vertical stripes elsewhere and just that it's a stripedy stripeness of glory.
so. yep. totally jeal.

modernmom said...

If I cut my hair above my shoulders. I might come home to no husband. I am 34, and he LOVES my long hair. The rule should be, when your hair looks like a rats nest (or, belongs on an 80 yr old hippie).....

JG said...

LOL, this post is hilarious!

Sadly, I know way too many people who could use a "just be mature and don't do dumb things handbook." What is it about Tim Gunn that is just so nice and warm?

Linz said...

I will NOT cut my hair either!

And I can't believe I'm now a "woman over 30"...it's weird to read that and know that it's me.

LOVE your outfit though, that is SO SUPER CUTE!!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh no, don't cut that beautiful hair - break the rules or do what I do and try "growing old disgracefully";)))). Thank you so much for your lovely comment sweetie, you are so kind!!! xoxo

Lori said...

I love your dress and your hair. DO NOT listen to Tim Gunn when it comes to that one. In fact, I'm trying to grow my hair out past my shoulders and I'm 33 (shudder), so take that Mr. Gunn.

Peggy said...

Your long hair is beautiful!! Love the dress, stripes and red

Laura said...

Oh MY GOODNESS! I NEED that dress! Love it!

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