Sunday, March 20, 2011

motherhood has its perks

i had a bit of a moment this morning. i'm trying to allow scarlett to pick out her own clothes and have her own opinions on her appearance. mostly it backfires because she wants to wear the same hello kitty or mickey mouse t-shirts over and over and over. but this morning i said she could wear any dress she wanted and she picked out this:
i made this dress in college and i've been holding onto it ever since, just in case i would have a daughter who would want to wear it. though i have a background in clothing and textiles and sewing, i'm not a very good seamstress and i really struggle with following directions. this dress was not an overly difficult assignment, but i am a very slow sewer and not a perfectionist in the least. i have plenty of vision but limited skillz. i had an incredible professor at BYU, Dr. Catherine Burnham, who really believed in me and whenever i see this dress, i remember all she taught me and how much she encouraged me to figure this project out and also to figure out things in my life that i wanted to be. it was sort of a lean on me/stand and deliver/mr. holland's opus/karate kid experience. so when scarlett said she wanted to wear the "fruit dress", i was over the moon! i thought she would treat it like a dress up dress, but she wanted to wear it to church. i was so glad that i had completed this dress and held onto it more than 10 years later. maybe i'll even make another one. for ME! we can be twins! not really.

on me-
cardigan- loft(i should have bought 20 of these puppies)
blouse- charlotte russe
belt- gap
skirt- ?
shoes- steinmart

on scarlett-
dress- college project 2001
sandals- target


Julie said...

I thought you both looked cute today. I got such a kick out of watching Scarlette twirl around during singing time in her darling little fruit dress.

Kaitlyn said...

how adorable! she loves her momma and her momma's dress-making skills! little girls are so sweet :) ...most of the time

JKGROSS said...

That is a sweet post. I remember making clothes in college for my kids "one day." I made a blessing dress and Riley was blessed in it. That was a very special day for me, so I can imagine how you felt when Scarlett PICKED it. :0)

Alysha E. Marie said...

How absolutely adorable. I bet the fact that she chose that dress really made you proud. :)
&& You look great too, I am lovin' the color of that cardigan.

Leah said...

Your hair looks beautiful today...just sayin'

Jenna said...

I happened to be in the bathroom at church with a gaggle of girls & noticed Scarlette's sweet dress! Sewing makes me swear most of the time - I am glad she picked it.

Rachel said...

You look so beautiful Heidi! And Scarlett is darling. I am impressed with your mad skillz. with a z.

Vintage Sparkle said...

You both look lovely! That dress is so cute. If you want to make one to match go for it! My daughter and I have several nearly matching things, white faux fur coats for the winter and denim jackets for the spring. Maybe I'm just a bit odd?
Thank you for your comment on my blog, I decided to keep the trousers in the end. Now just have to follow your advice and find other things to wear with them.