Monday, March 21, 2011

blue skies, smiling at me

in the past week i have talked to three of my college roomates on the phone. when we chat, it's like time has never passed. jessica reminded me of the time that she and natalie and emily came to pick me up from school in the cougar(the most indestructible car EVER) wearing only their underwear. i had forgotten that gem of personal history. or when all of us and paula would sneak into the on-campus pool by pretending we were freshman who lived in one of the dorms when we were really all juniors and seniors. i miss college. i miss sharing everyone's clothes. i don't miss trying to get someone to ask you out on a date so that you can eat for the night because you spent all your money on new clothes. what? you didn't do that too? 
 i had a guest photographer help me with these photos. he did a pretty good job. minimal editing. but please ignore my face in all of these.
 dress- thrifted
scarf- grandma maxine
shoes- kristin davis via tjmaxx

 a self-portrait by my guest photographer:
are you sick of hearing about my kids yet?


Kaitlyn said...! and yay for catching up with old friends! how hilarious is it that they picked you up wearing only their underwear?! whaaat?! you were a lot crazier than me in college, haha!

and no, i will never get sick of hearing about your kids! what a fantastic photographer, you had!

Jessica said...

i LOVE that dress. you find the cutest thrifted stuff. your guest photographer sure does a great job. i doubt any of my kids could handle that responsibility. and also, i loved the dress you made for scarlett. especially everything it symbolizes -- what a great post.

Nicole said...

LOVE that dress! YOu find the COOLEST things at a thrift store!!

Emily Curfew said...

did i show up in underwear? why don't i remember this? geesh. i need serious help with my memory. i LOVE talking to you!! i wish we were in the same city, i'd be your guest photographer. we'd have so much fun goofing off taking photos. i'm seriously impressed that reagan is the man behind the camera!!! he does an awesome job!!! and yes, like everyone has mentioned above, that dress is awesome, and how do you find all the good stuff? you must be patient.

Laura said...

ha! I just realized who the guest photographer is! lol

Born To Be Styled

modernmom said...

No way, not sick of hearing about your kids!!!
You sick of mine? LOL
Love the scarf as a belt. Way too cute. And love your college stories. I didn't go to college. (bummer)

Amy The Mom said...

too bad we were only roommates for a summer...any longer and we'd have some kick-booty stories :) have i told you i love your blog? i love your blog. the end.

Alysha E. Marie said...

Your kids are undeniably adorable. I love when you feature them in your blogs. :)

Lilburn Ward Relief Society said...

Wow. A shout out for me AND the Cougar? I'm speechless.

Props to you, the dress, the photog, and the AWESOME story!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Craaaaaaaaap! That was me. Sorry.

Peggy said...

you look great in your shirtdress! I miss borrowing all my friends clothes too - college gave me an unlimited wardrobe!

Paula said...

can't we all live together again??? such fun times. the cougar and the escargot-what two fabulous cars.