Saturday, March 12, 2011

it's a lot of work to look this disheveled

for me, casual is the hardest way to dress.
dressy- bring it
sloppy floor scrubbing- taken care of
workout- got my favorite sweat options for different workouts all planned out
church- my abfav day of the week to get ready
saturday casual- i am a ship lost on choppy waves without a map

i think it's because i don't have a formula for dressing. i go with my gut. anne shirley likes to feel a prayer, i like to feel an outfit. i like to see ideas and get inspiration from various sources, but when i get dressed i often just a massive pile on of different things and then i rearrange and put back as feels appropriate. there's not much method to my madness, but i do require my closet to be organized so that everything faces the same direction and all the colors are arranged ROYGBIV style. once i'm finally dressed, it's often too dressy for the occasion to which i am attending. i prepare myself mentally everyday for the inevitable, "why are you so dressed up?"  i simply love dresses and heels. plus, i'm rather vain(i don't know if this blog full of pictures of me was a giveaway or not), so standing out a little doesn't bother me.

this is what a wore today to watch my husband coach his deacon basketball team. i was the only one at the church wearing heels. i went through 3 cardigans before i settled on this one. sometimes i wish getting dressed in a fun manner wasn't so important to me. but not really. i wouldn't be happy any other way.
t shirt- old navy
cardigan- old navy
jeans- jcrew
shoes- kristin davis via target
bag- gigihill

and this is what i look like when i realize someone is watching me pose for my pictures. waah waah.
and yes i did wear this same t-shirt on wednesday. that was bounce house day and again, i needed to dress casual. and it was difficult but i pulled through.


Natasha said...

This totally sounds so familiar...I am always so horrible at putting together casual outfits!
I absolutely love this though..the mixture of the cardi and t-shirt is perfect...and of course I love your heels!!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

Carie said...

I love that cardigan. Especially with your those shoes.

I never really thought about it, but casual is hard. It's not easy to look casual and put together. When ever I try to kick casual up a notch, I usually just end up looking dorky.

LiLi said...

I think your body type just screams for dressing it UP. Your blazer outfit for EBEW was so great I was like O_O and added you to my blogroll faster than Lucky Luke would shoot, lol! So I would take a wild guess and say that's why dressing down is harder. I'd say having the body type everyone else wants does make up for that, doesn't it? :-)

Relatable Style

Laura said...

I have the exact same problem! If I wear just a t shirt and jeans, I feel like I look like a slob, but everything else looks to fancy!

Born To Be Styled

Jessica said...

i think you look adorable in this outfit. surely people know you well enough by now to not bat an eye when you're the only one wearing high heels at a basketball game?? i love that cardigan especially. haven't you had it for a while? i haven't hit up old navy in a while. perhaps i should track one down...

two birds said...

i think this outfit is perfect! i love's casual and chic all at the same time. i would be like you...heels at a basketball game. heels everywhere, actually! you look great!

Anonymous said...

Ha can't imagine the reaction of people you waved at! ...Love the beatles tee, great casual outfit!

<3 Cess O.

sisters4saymoreismore said...

couldn't agree more!!! so hard to dress down, weird for me even... i have a feeling you and i would be BEST friends... i am nearly always the one in heels when nobody else is... we would be such a team the 2 of us in our ridculously inappropriate shoes at the ward picnic... i personally love to chase my kids in 41/2 inch stilletos, who cares whos watching!


Keely said...

Really, really cute! You totally rock the boyfriend jeans and that bag is adorable!

Brittney said...

you look fab-dabulous. don't even know my favorite part of the ensemble, because really you look super effortlessly chic. which, i know i know, "effortless" is a total lie (a 3-cardigan lie), but you pulled off the look. which means: heidi-1. rest of world-0. enjoy the victory. you earned it.

Rachel said...

casual (how do you spell the shortened version of that, does anyone know, caj?) outfits are the hardest. i'm not even lying. saturdays are my hardest day to dress for. BUT i think you pulled it off. totally caj (go with it). i especially am digging the shirt, the beatles automatically make everything they touch cooler, no lie.
also, can i have your hair? or can you teach me to grow it that way? either way i need it. kthanks.