Saturday, March 26, 2011

right on my sisters

today the family and i took a trip to the temple. normally i wouldn't do a post about what i wear to the temple since style and fashion are the last thing i think about when attending the temple, but my temple attendance absolutely influences my everyday style. because i was married in the temple(almost 9 years ago!) i always wear skirts and shorts to my knees and i need my shirts to have at least a cap sleeve and i don't like anything to be too low cut. it can be more than a little difficult to find items of clothings to meet these clothing standards, but the benefits are worth the effort. i feel like there is always a part of me that is just for me and not for the rest of the world. plus, by dressing modestly, i look different from a lot of other people and for me looking different is a key component of my style. being style conscious means not being afraid to stand out.
shirt- thrifted
skirt- thrifted
shoes- kristin davis via tj maxx

i was full of weird faces and poses today. and wrinkles from the car ride and i needed to retuck my shirt. the end.

and on a completely unrelated note:
sunday night on lifetime, the show "coming home" is featuring a friend of my husband and i who died in combat in september. mark forrester was an ordinary person whose positive choices allowed him to live a remarkable life. you will need kleenex. i still need kleenex on a regular basis.


Peggy said...

Oh, love that thrifted shirt! I'm so sorry about your friend. I love the photo of him in front of the American flag.

Emily Curfew said...

You are as cute as a button. No. Scratch that. You are gorgeous.

And also I appreciate your modesty in style

modernmom said...

I can't tell you how great it is to have you say that your beliefs affect how you dress. I feel the same way, but it seems to be a dying thing.
I also love that you like to thrift as much as me. ;)

Pineapple said...

1. How did you manage to get those buttons on your sidebar? I have blogger too, and I know how to add gadgets, but things like the Mormon Fashion Blogger and whatnot always come with an html code, and I am not sure how to add that.

2. This season of Coming Home is based in Fort Campbell, KY, which is where I happen to live! The sad thing is, while all those soldiers just came home (like on the show) mine just left a month ago. Thanks a LOT, Coming Home, for reminding me! Haha.

3. I really like your shoes in this post. I think I'm looking for exactly them for this summer.

The Elegant Bohemian said...

Heidi, that is such a beautiful necklace!! You look just gorgeous and I can appreciate (and always do) that when it comes to style; modesty is a priority. We don't have to look like grannies to be modest; it's just not dressing for the sole purpose of being sexy. You look FABULOUS!!! ~Serene

Kaitlyn said...

classic look! you look great :)

i can't watch that show. it is just too sad for me.. i'm very sorry to hear about your loss. we are so lucky to have great people like your friend who risk their lives for us.

oomph. said...

i love your shirt! evvryone finds amazing things thrifting, but i never see these kind of things here!!

Meredith said...

super pretty lady! that color blue is fab:)