Sunday, March 13, 2011

men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses

i had to wear my glasses this afternoon. i was getting a bottle of bubbles down for the kidlets and i dropped it on the kitchen floor. the bubbles broke the laws of gravity after they landed on the floor and splashed up and hit me in the eye. the the burning was like a small forest fire on my retina under my contact lens.
these shoes were a gift from a friend after i gave birth to scarlett. instead of a baby present, she gifted me with a wedge sandal. and that's the best kind of gift. especially because right after you have a baby, shoes are about the only that you can wear that won't make you cry. shoes won't emphasize the your non-existent waist, or the huge bags underneath your eyes, or the fact that your fat pants are now your only pants and even then you may need to safety pin them together and wear an extra long shirt. more power to you new mothers! embrace the SHOE!
sweater- banana republic(dyed it myself! boom!)
belt- target
skirt- thrifted
shoes- paloma barcelo


Kaitlyn said...

lmao! i love reading your posts - they put a smile on my face every time (and usually make me actually laugh out loud). i am kind of scared of having children.. i feel like i will never lose the baby weight. i'm too young to worry about such things, though.

fun shoes!

modernmom said...

Love the wedges, and think your friend is awesome to give you such a perfect gift, at such a perfect time.
And someone needs to reassure Cutie Kaitlyn- No, you won't lose all your baby weight. You will be different and more fabulous. I know. I have given birth 4 times, and it took me a long time to come to terms with my post-birth body. ;) The kids are SO worth it!

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Looooooooooove the shoes. Love them. And impressed that you dyed the sweater yourself.

Iyannah B said...

:) hey heidi im not a mormon blogger but I ran across our blog when I clicked the next blog button and I like your blog so much that I blogged about it here !!

Frenchy said...

Gorgeous !!!
Love the shoes and you are so beautiful !
I am LDS too.
Would love a follow back !