Monday, March 28, 2011

i'm in love and i don't care who knows!!!

 with what you ask? a spoonful of nutella, a spoonful of creamy peanut butter and a slice of bread. i call it make-out in a tub. which actually sounds a lot dirtier than i intended. so, how about edible love?still weird?(i'm an emotional eater and thomas is out of town.)
and i'm in love with wrapping and pinning cardigans. i don't do it enough, but every time i do birds sing! garden gnomes dance! i win final jeopardy! and i eat another tub of nutella! i had banned myself from the crack that is nutella, because i had gotten tired of the sound of my jean's buttons unbuttoning themselves and groaning(everyone's a critic) but true love knows no bounds. 
cardigan- express
flower pin- bluefly
tunic- calvin klein
jeans- sevens via kohls
sandals- amanda smith

my tips for a successful wrap and pin:
1. wrap cardigan
2. pin exterior
3. gently pin interior(where blue star is). sometimes depending on cardigan weight and pin weight i'll pin to my shirt as well to anchor everything together. if a cardigan is especially fussy or delicate, i'll turn the whole thing inside out and then pin and put cardigan on right side out.
4. be happy



Lili said...

Great idea! I thought about that myself today but didn't try it yet. Good to know you pin the inside, too, I was wondering about that :-)

Relatable Style

Erica said...

He's an angry elf!

I'll join you on that make-out-in-a-tub. I've done it many times before. Hmm, that does sound dirty.

You could also try double sided tape. That's what I do with wrapped cardigans.

North Meets South

Kaitlyn said...

cute! looks like too much work for this girl, though. yea, pinning two pieces of fabric is too much work for me, ha.

maybe i should try this nutella stuff.. my bf says its good, too. but i can't really get over the fact that it looks like.. umm.. poop. and i don't really want my pants busting at the seams, so maybe i'll stay away.

Peggy said...

Um, pinning a cardi - genius!! And you are kidding me about that Nutella and PB?? It is my GO-TO snack - I'm all about it on my gluten free toast. It's like eating a candy bar. My sister and I are gluten-free and she taught me this evil trick! I will have some for my night-time snack in honor of you! And if you want a good laugh, my word verification word is pampoog - hahahaha!

Nicole said...

Love it...gonna try it!!! :) forget nutella, let's talk cadberry eggs! :)

Pineapple said...

I don't know if I'll be trying the pin, but that's because I don't have supernifty brooches/pins like what you have there . . . such a cool tip, though! It really does look great.

Also, Nutella is a truly inCREDible substance. I can't figure out why it's still considered a European food when everyone (read: every woman) I know is addicted.

I'm glad to see you can still be my blog-friend even if I wear things like my outfit in the last post! : P

MerciBlahBlah said...

Um, j'adore.

I'm siiiinging!!! I'm in a store, and I'm singing! I'M IN A STORE, AND I'M SIIIINNNNNGIIIIINGGGGG!!!!!


two birds said...

super cute! congrats on double jeopardy ;)

AppGal said...

YUM! That sounds amazing. I've been eating a lot of pretzel rods dipped in Nutella lately. Something about the saltiness of the pretzel and the sweetness of the Nutella makes it the perfect snack.

(new follower, btw. not sure if I've commented before. I have a bad memory! but I'm loving your blog!)

Lori said...

I'm allergic to tree-nuts so I'll never know the goodness that is Nutella :(
Love the cardi tip. I've done this in the past but somehow forgot until I saw your post :)
No More Sweatpants

Elaine said...

I just love your props..the dresser scarf just cracks me up. I'm a cardi gal myself so thanks for the tip.

Hugs & Loves, Ariel said...

ha ha ha no i totally want a cadbury egg milk shake now though! thanks for that ;)
love your sandals by the way!! so cute!

hugs & Loves, Ariel

Laura said...

It's all about the Nutella!!! WOOO! Man I want me some right now.