Wednesday, March 09, 2011

smells like teen spirit

some days i really have trouble pulling together an appropriate outfit because i get ready at the gym. that leaves me about .325 seconds to pull something together and shove it in my gym bag. one radio station that i frequent plays a ton of early 90s alternative rock and i think it is really beginning to affect my fashion choices. today i grabbed cords, a flannel, an album t-shirt, a blazer and some teen angst. i'm currently polishing up my resume so that i can go apply for a job at empire records. 
where were you when you got the news about kurt cobain?  i think heard i heard it during channel one(did you have channel one?) possibly from anderson cooper or serena altshcul or rawley valverde or lisa ling. i can't believe i still remember the names of all the anchors, but can't remember to turn on the dishwasher before i leave the house.
blazer- target
flannel- thrifted
t shirt- old navy
cords- american eagle
sneaks- converse for target
bag- gigi hill
the 90s are a bittersweet time for me: junior high hell, high school and the first two years of college. for such an important decade in my life, the clothes were certainly horrible. and by horrible i mean, hell threw up a pair of overalls and someone called it fashion. so in honor of that uproarious decade, here are two of my favorite 90210 quotes to feast upon(and most of my 90210 viewing happened on rerun when thomas was in law school. and melrose place. don't get me started on melrose place.):

Brenda Walsh: You don't drink, do you?

Dylan McKay: Only at family reunions.

Dylan McKay: you hang around a boy scout, you learn the handshake


LiLi said...

Ah, the 90ies. What a wonderful time, albeit sartorially sad ^^ Some time ago I looked back on pictures of my last school year and noticed how shitty the jeans look on everyone. Wow, back then I thought we just looked classic :-D

jg said...

Man, I think that is your best photograph yet...can I get the name of that photographer? ;0) hehe!

Kaitlyn said...

um, yes i had channel one and it was terrible. i hope they did away with that crap. anyway, the outfit looks good. i hate getting ready at the gym, so i don't go to the gym ;) least not until the END of the day.

ps: my sister used to be obsessed with 90210 so i've probably seen every episode. however, i was around 6 or 7 when she watched it religiously, so i really can't remember much of it! ha.

Kaitlyn said...

pss: i'm listening to "because the night" by 10,000 maniacs as i type. <3 90's music.

Vintage Sparkle said...

Hi there,
I found your blog completely by accident but I very much enjoyed reading some of your posts.
Now following!

Brittney said...

what a fabulous photo locale, though. completely post-appropriate. and i took a poll amongst my brain, and it's unanimous: you couldn't be cuter, funnier, or more down-to-earth. look fab, too, although i'm harboring some jealousy that you make it to the gym regularly. okay, so i'm not a gym person, but still. you're working out. and for that, i'm happy. for you. not me. just you.
p.s. hell threw up overalls? bigtime guffaw at that.