Thursday, March 31, 2011

i'm pretty lucky

at church i work with the laurels. they are the 16-18 year old young women. it's my "calling". i was asked to fill in this capacity for an indeterminate amount of time, or until i have offended everyone within earshot. i absolutely love it. i'm luckier than a barefoot britney spears at a gas station with unlimited day-old nachos. i get to work with great girls(last night we talked about individual worth and prom dresses), i get to teach each sunday to a rapt audience, and they truly inspire me. they are hard working, fun, smart and fashionable. the total package.

kaela was so cute i couldn't resist snagging her for an outfit picture. i love the little pop of color on her blouse, the boho scarf contrasting with the no-nonsense pencil skirt and the cut-out for toe cleavage on her mary janes. LOVE! oh to be 16 again! and with a clue!
cardigan- kohls
flannel shirt- thrifted
belt- gap
jeans- gap forever skinny
flats- target


Emily Curfew said...

i always wanted to be a YW leader somewhere in the south. i'm playing second fiddle over here in small town central washington. strange cats in this neck of woods -literally.

fashion is non-existant -- along with oral hygiene,

Alysha E. Marie said...

That's so awesome that you are involved with the youth at church! I have been really wanting to get involved with a church and start a college group, I think that it would be really neat. Especially since churches usually have YOUTH groups and they group together a which range of ages.
Great outfit by the way!

Jessica said...

you always find the cutest stuff at target. how come nothing i ever look at seems to be as appealing??

Anonymous said...

Have so many questions for you; Plaid and leopard? seriously? why haven't I thought of that before? ... love it!
Kaela looks so pretty, wish I looked that cute at 16!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

Natasha said...

I love you mixed prints...super cute!
I love seeing fashionable teens...the ones wearing tasteful chic clothes like her. I love her style!

Rachel said...

Oh Heidi, if only we had pictures of our awesome outfits we wore to choir practice when we were sixteen. Those were blog worthy for sure.
Those Laurels are lucky to have you!

Julie said...

Very nice ladies!