Friday, April 01, 2011

2 pigs wrestling under a blanket

if i have learned anything whilst blogging about my personal style, it's that i can't stand wearing clothes that don't fit properly. i hate this striped long sleeve t-shirt and i loathe this fit of this a-line skirt. in theory, this outfit should be one of my favorites: black and white with a punch of color, a skirt, my turquoise necklace and my platform sandals. recipe for a winner. but because i felt like my shirt and skirt were ill-fitting and lumpy, all i could think was "2 pigs wrestling under a blanket."(name the movie for a 253 points!)
long sleeve shirt- old navy(whom i've already got issues with!)
sweater- gap
belt- gap
skirt- dillards
sandals- target

while i think the photos of the outfit turned out nice, my skin is just crawling with discomfort. i can't even muster a smile i am so annoyed with the fit of this outfit. i think it's time for a closet purge. as much as it pains me to say it.

and then i changed just a few things and i was fine. added a gray t-shirt and boyfriend khakis(not that i'm having a fat day or anything. but i am. so what.) and i completely changed my jewelry. it was like a bowl of ice cream for my soul.
t-shirt- gap
boyfriend khakis- gap
attitude- your mom

happy weekend!


Peggy said...

I think you look lovely, but I so know what you mean! I made a new rule- if I have to tug on it, pull it, fix it all day, it's going to the donation pile pronto! And I am having a fat day since I had ice cream for my bday yesterday!! wahhh

Anonymous said...

Ha ha you'r so funny! I can't really see those pigs but anyways I think that cardi and turqouise necklace look like love! well pigglets are lovely too! Have a wonderful weekend!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

Kati said...

I love the pants,sweater, t-shirt combo. The colors look great together. The movie is Steel Magnolias ;)

Susanna said...

Classic -Steel Magnolias- I love that line.
Both outfits look great, but I totally know that feeling when a good piece of clothing in theory annoys you every time you put it on. I say go with what you feel great in and you will always look good.

Jessica said...

i love that sweater of yours. and i'm not surprised you have issues with the fit of a shirt from old navy. old navy=poor fit in my book. sometimes you really just get what you pay for.

Kaitlyn said...

i hate being uncomfortable all day! even if i look presentable, i can tell my clothes aren't fitting right and i feel crappy the whole time. i do love the outfit you changed into, though!

Ashley said...

I've never been able to layer like you do. I don't understand how you're not more uncomfortable more often, but you look lovely so I'm glad you don't.

Erica said...

Steel Magnolias!!! (and I made sure not to read any of the previous comments. That was pure brain power right there.)

At least you don't have a brown helmet hairdo...

North Meets South

Rachel said...

Steel Magnolias!!! I love that movie. We did the play my junior year of high school and I designed the hair and make-up. It was so fun! Except having to style the nasty wig Shelby had to wear the second half of the play. Yeah, not so much. Anyway, I hate it when outfits that seem like you should love it just don't work. You look cute in both :)

Callie Rew said...

Cute cute outfit! I love how you changes the outfit but it looks almost the same. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

xoxo Callie

ps. I thought those earrings were amazing too, that's why I bought them!

Julie said...

Love the 2nd one!!

Jenny said...

One of my favorite lines from "Steel Magnolias" for sure! I love the second look - LOVE! That sweater looks great on you. And I'm with you, it's hard to feel like you when something isn't fitting properly (like all my pants since having a kid *ahem*). Closet purges are a good thing - but I'm a dork and enjoy stuff like that! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!!!


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