Tuesday, April 05, 2011

be excellent to each other

i like:
big, gaudy jewelry
wedge sandals
big buns(and i cannot lie)

when i mix it with everything plain and simple that i own, i feel like i have a complete outfit.
i think that's my recipe for success.

short post justification/nerd alert
i've got to go watch "the civil war" with my husband. even though we already own it on dvd, we always drop what we are doing and watch it when it's broadcast on tv.
i have a crush on the voice on shelby foote. does any of this make any sense to you? don't be jealous of my nerd prowess.
this is me telling my husband what is wrong in the world. once you really get me going, i'm hard to stop.
sweater- gap
skinny cargo pants- target
wedges- target

ps- did you know there is going to be a bill and ted's 3? wyld stallyns rule! let's all dress up and see it together!


modernmom said...

You are way too cute. And your random posts make my night. Am I not the only History nerd? Is there a club?

amanda said...

Heidi- you are a total knock out. I am so lucky to have you as a friend! I have been trying out the big head bun lately and I'm gonna have to say I love it. And....I just bought some neon yellow capris. Inspired by you of course!

Peggy said...

wish I could pull off that bun! I had a semi-one going the other day and my 11 year old said "You look like Heidi!" The influence we have......... And have I ever told you - when they ask my name at Starbucks, I say as plainly as I can "Peggy" - many, many times, they write Heidi on my cup!

Annie said...

Ah, I'm so jealous that you have long enough hair to pull it up like that! I wish wish wish my hair was long right now!

Jenni said...

Those skinny cargos look so FAB on yoU! Love them!

Cydney said...

Your big bun has got me SPRUNG, girl. For real. I love your silly posts, they make me feel like I am not the only goofball out here. Fistbump?

Lili said...

Bill and Ted 3? EXCELLENT! :-D And Keanu Reeves will be involved? No way, dude! YAAAYYY

Relatable Style

Carie said...

No kidding about Shelby Foote. I remember his voice from watching it in high school. Which is saying something since that was ages ago.

Brittney said...

love everything about it. you're rocking the skinny cargoes and the big bun-ness. what if that song really did use "big buns" instead of "big butts"? pahahaha. so funny just thinking about it. please put together a garage band to that end.

Anonymous said...

Recipe works so good! The necklace just makes what could've been very simple into a fabulous outfit, love the colorful sweater!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

Kaitlyn said...

great jewelry! i love gaudy jewelry. especially when it's cheap, but that's probably because i lose jewelry all the time and it's better when you only paid a few bucks for it.

Iyannah B said...
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Iyannah B said...

I LOVE THIS Heidi!!!!! omg I knew I did the right thing by blogging about you.

Iyannah @ Isadorenoir.blogspot.com

Elaine said...

Hahahaha, loved the second pic..and your commentary. always.

Paula said...

love the face in the second picture. it is a true heidi face.