Sunday, April 17, 2011

2nd class citizen

last night was date night. which led me to ponder, if you starred on a tv show but weren't allowed to date another main cast member, weren't you sort of a 2nd class citizen on the show? namely phoebe on friends. never allowed to date a co-star whle everyone else on the show had a chance to date someone else.
phoebe-and several guest stars

or take screech on saved by the bell. even when lisa finally found him undisgusting, she still wouldn't date him.

 look at steve sanders on 90210. while the rest of the cast was busy swapping spit with each other, steve was stuck with a string of girls that weren't allowed to be on more than a few episodes.

finally, joey on full house. even danny fricking tanner had his girlfriend written into the cast. and poor joey was stuck with him lamesauce moose impressions to keep him company. it's primetime discrimination. and it's a delicious travesty.
blouse- target
skirt- jcrew
sandals- target
purse- target

i think by adding the black purse to the equation i was able to deftly pull off the black blouse tucked into a brown print based skirt combination. i love this skirt so much. it's my "jake ryan". i will always love it. i routinely peruse ebay for people selling any skirt like this from the 2010 summer collection in a different print. it's my fave of everything, quality, length, size, hip to waist ratio. fantastico.


Peggy said...

You look smashing! Love your outfit! My friend just got those darling sandals too!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

But Steve did have lots of sex with Claire and Valerie. It is embarrassing that I am willing to debate this point. Please don't tell my husband.
Love your skirt!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Emily Curfew said...


Hey , well at least Landry from FNL was allowed regular gf's on the show... ( I kinda considered him a "2nd class citizen") hahaha

Alysha E. Marie said...

Amazing wedges!
Funny thing is, I just posted a look that has a similar color of wedge, the bronze that is. You'll have to check them out, it seems like we are always posting similar things on the same days. haha! :)
I love the contrast of the super floral skirt and the black top, it's a very nice way to even out the loudness.


Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

buffy = angel, willow = oz and tara, drew = spike, buffy = spike....i know what you mean, everybody else that didn't date the main characters were definitely second class characters...this post made me laugh hard!:)

that skirt is the very best!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Brava. to all of it.

And apparently Alanis Morissette didn't think Joey was too lamesauce with those moose impressions. "Cut it out!" bahahaha

AppGal said...

Oh wow, I'm a Friends GEEK and never even noticed that about Phoebe! But I did love who she ended up with and the whole storyline with Mike and David. She ended up doing pretty well for herself.

I also adore this skirt. I actually pulled mine out yesterday and tried it on just to make sure I still loved it and could fit into it (I did and I could..whew!) J.Crew sure does a pencil skirt right!

Lili said...

My thoughts exactly! Like Geordi from Star Trek: The next generation or Harry Kim from Star Trek: Voyager. Everyone is involved with everyone at some point, but these two don't get any - EVER. Ok, except from guest stars. Maybe I'm being overly sensitive here, but Geordi was black (and blind) and Harry Kim Asian. Hmmmmmm...?!

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Monica Whitney said...

Your curls atop your head are always so perfect.

And that skirt is phenomenal.

Taylor said...

1) LOVE THOSE SHOES and I don't even like gold. 2) Don't forget that Joey dated Maria Bamford for like a second and that Screech dated Violet (Tori Spelling). Poor Steve Sanders. Hitting on a dude dressed like a lady at the gas station in Palm Springs. And then hooking up with Valerie but everyone hooked up with Valerie. Man, I miss old skool 90210.