Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a book look

i hosted book club last night. i normally don't do this sort of thing. hosting gives me anxiety. cooking for other people is not my cup of tea. and cleaning my house with kids is a joke. i think jerry seinfeld said it best, "a two year-old is like having a blender, but you don't have a top for it."
so i did what i do best, i put together my most bookish, yet summery outfit. then i winged all the hospitality stuff. i hit up costco and bought all the stuff that i can never justify, like tequila lime wings and lobster ravioli. and i do make delicious box mix brownies.

this was at 11 o'clock last night after everyone left. fresh as a pig in slop.
t shirt- gap
belt- gap
skirt- banana republic
sandals- bakers


Fash Boulevard said...

love love love this. you look amazing. thanks for another inspired post. if you get a free second stop by and check out my latest fash recap and the must have bag designed by one of LA's hottest stylist. xoxo

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Julie said...

You are a better hostess than you think! The food was yummy and your house looked great! :) Thanks for hosting!! I had a great time!

modernmom said...

You crack me up with your face. The best part is the open dishwasher. Wish I were part of your book club. LOL!

two birds said...

you don't have to tell anyone the food was from costco! i am sure you are an amazing hostess!

Brittney said...

what book did you read? 18 cheers for costco and box brownies (which, by the way, are delish. i think they might be preferable to 90% of the homemade varieties out there.). AND you look exceptionally bookish and sassy-cute. "pig in slop" puhleeeease.
-brittney (p.s. come link up something unexpected and maybe awesome in today's post, heidi. c'mon, girlfriend. it'll be the funnest thing you ever did. i promise. and by "promise" i mean "am totally lying to your face, but i'm doing it via cyberspace so it doesn't count as bad, right?" like i said. super fun.)

Peggy said...

Love it! We host a book club every other week - used to be every week until I begged my husband for a reprieve! haha. It's always hard to get the house ready with all these things I'm juggling for the kids. You did great! And looked adorbs while doing it!

Kaitlyn said...

dang girl, you are so thin! you look great :) love the outfit!

Alysha E. Marie said...

First of all, kudos to you for having such a great figure! It is always inspiring to see mothers who despite the trials and great efforts in raising children, still take time to look just fabulous.
Secondly, I love this casual look. That skirt is such a perfect length. I have been looking for a skirt of similar nature and now I know, Banana Republic is the place to look!