Saturday, April 23, 2011

day and night

lunch downtown:
cardigan- target
button up-JCP
jeans- gap forever skinny
shoes- target

and SALSA DANCING! that night :
false eyelashes and everything! thomas thought i looked like i had been punched since i had caked on the make-up. and i replied, "not yet! the night is still young and no one has made a move on my man yet!!!"

 i'm not sure what is all over my camera lens.
jacket- target
t shirt- target
scarf- express
jeans- target
shoes- jessica simpson


Jeppson Clan said...

pretty heidi. i've been dabbling in the false eyelash dept. and quite love it. just got back from a trip to SLC and let me tell you they were everywhere (along with fake boobs, hair extentions and feather earrings.) i think i'll just stick with my fake eyelashes.

Kaitlyn said...

looks like it's snowing ;)

i love both outfits, though! scarves are my best friend. i reaaally need to buy a blazer! i just don't know where.. and i don't know if i want to pay $50 or more for one :/

ps your makeup looks beautiful! and i love fake lashes.

Monica Whitney said...

Heidi, I had no idea you lived in South Carolina! I'm so glad I have a fellow southern fashion blogger. You're going to have to help me through my first southern summer. I barely made it through the month of August. How do you do it? What do you wear? Is it ever worth blow drying your hair? I'm tempted to chop all of my hair off, buy some mumus, get a rocking chair for my porch and embrace the deathly thick humid air.

PS- I love this outfit and I am so glad you are sporting the false lashes.

And this is the longest comment ever. I am very sorry.

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

So exactly how much did you love taking this picture on "the red carpet"?

Monique said...

I love your scarf and your shoes!!

Monique xx