Thursday, April 21, 2011

chopping block

since i decided last week to do a closet purge, i've been trying to wear some of the fence-sitters to decide which pile to put them in. this shirt and cropped sweater are both candidates for the chopping block:
by afternoon i had lost the sweater(but added bracelets! will wonders never cease?) and switched out my shoes. because i really really hate wearing flats unless absolutely neccessary.
t shirt- lauren conrad for kohl's
cropped sweater- kohl's
skirt- thrifted(and hemmed! finally!)
flats and wedges- target

i was tagged by lissa of from lissa...with love to post 10 things i love. which i find ironic because i am much better at posting things i hate. really. when i am in my worst moods is when i am really in the mood to blog. so, i am summoning all the hearts and flowers and bright copper kettles and 50% of shoes sales i can think of  and present to you:

10 things i love
1. mellow mushroom pizza. it's my all time favorite pizza. even with the perpetually half-baked, unwashed staff.

2. richard armitage. the best thing to come out of britain since wonky teeth, unintelligible accents and adding the letter E to common words: ye olde worlde malt shoppe

3. modern family- i am claire dunphy

4. turquoise jewelry- especially this troop beverly hills/phyllis nefler gem:

5. young adult fiction/movies- if it involves an ugly duckling becoming a swan and a chance to go to the prom with the most popular guy at school, then i am all over it like white on rice on a paper plate with a cup of milk in a snowstorm.

6. lucite furniture- i don't own any yet, but my dream office includes a ghost chair like this:

7. asiago cheese bagels with sundried tomato cream cheese- the bomb diggity

8. "where are they now?" or "before they were stars!" headlines on tv or tabloid magazines. or those pictures of famous people's cellulite or their faces without make up. like they are animals in a zoo.

9. catching spelling errors in professional publications. nerd heaven!!! one time an author used the word "quaff" when she really needed to use the word "coif"! i rode that pony for months!

10. bill hader- pretty much the best part of SNL.


AppGal said...

OMG--does your town have a Mellow Mushroom? (where in SC are you? I grew up in Columbia!) We had one in my town up until about a year ago (don't know how they went out of business...I think it was bad blood over building rent) and I have been depressed ever since. "They" say that we'll have a new one by this summer, but we'll see...I NEED Kosmic Karma in my life.

Are you so excited about Disney's new teen flick "Prom" coming out soon? :)

Taylor said...

I cannot believe you threw out a BOMB DIGGETY (as I just did, in my blog earlier) but also posted a Troop Beverly Hills still! Love the yellow skirt, it is darling.

modernmom said...

Pretty much ALL of them, me too! But especially #9! It is a major pet peeve!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

I say toss the sweater, keep the shirt.

#2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 all apply to me as well. And I love Troop Beverly Hills. Perhaps this is why we get along?

And I thought Claire Dunphy was super organized? :-)

Kaitlyn said...

totally agree with 3, 5, 8, & 9! are we related? haha.

Cydney said...

Love the shirt. Toss the sweater and never look back. And your HAIR! I die a million deaths every time I come here and see your pretty tresses.

And MODERN FRIGGIN FAMILY! It's the best thing on tv, isn't it just glorious?!

Carrie said...

My heart went pitter-pat when I saw the words "Richard Armitage." Just got done with the last season of MI-5, and North & South gets viewed at least a few times a year!

Toss the sweater. It's so-so at best, and you have much better items in your wardrobe.

Jenny said...

Totally with you on 4,5,6 & 8! I've been digging that chair forever and a day! Loving those wedges from Target - looking mighty fine lady!

alltumbledown said...

Patches? We don't need no stinkin patches!

Love the Troop Beverly Hills Reference.

From Lissa..with Love! said...

Love the skirt!! I've heard of the Mellow Mushroom but I don't think we have one close by. Boo!