Sunday, April 24, 2011


there it is! right under the pleats on my dress. about 3243 pounds of easter candy. and some barbeque with spicy carolina sauce.
blouse- dillards
dress- tulle
belt- new york and company
shoes- kristin david via tjmaxx
and scarlett-
dress- COSTCO! $7. boom.
sandals- target
and this is sort of a hard dress to style. plus, it's linen. satan's fabric. it makes me swear because it begs to be ironed. (i actually don't believe there is an official fabric of satan. one time i commented that linen is satan's fabric and then i had to clarify on my stance against linen. someone asked me if mormon's really believed that satan cursed linen. we don't. now you know. but don't get me started on acetate!) i've only ever worn this dress one other time and i pretty much wore it the same way. and that's fine. somethings are good on their own. overstyling can be a curse, right? so can hollow-eared chocolate bunny rabbits. the curse of my thighs.



Kaitlyn said...

love this! super cute :) and look how tiny your waist is! i do not see any remnants of easter candy. i know how you feel though.. i feel like i should fast for this whole upcoming week, haha.

Monica Whitney said...

I see no Easter candy on you or your thighs. But I feel your pain. I ate more packaged sugary crap this weekend than I did in my entire childhood. I am currently groaning and scratching my belly and cursing Cadbury, Hersheys, and whatever company makes Reeses Eggs.

Lovely dress. Oh, and I love that your daughter's name is Scarlett. My husband's name is Rhett.

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Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

linen! I wore linen today too. It is brutal. BRUTAL! Satan's fabric is completely right.

Peggy said...

Love yellow and cute with the tee under it! I appreciate your modesty in your blogging.

Jenna said...

On Friday I was walking through a store & saw some great items - but they were made of linen. I kept mumbling to myself- I have promised myself that I will never ever buy linen again. (Of course, I say that about the Easter candy that's beckoning me, but the linen pledge sticks.)

Shara said...

I am impressed you braved linen. Linen & I have a hate hate relationship, we despise each other. And I am with you on the Easter candy. Satan has cursed cadbury eggs as well...delicious, melt in your mouth cadbury eggs *droooollll*

Chris said...

Great dress! I hope to find a yellow spring dress just as cute!

Angela said...

Pretty dress but linen...uhhh. Who wants to iron? I was going to buy linen pants the other day but decided against it for the ironing dilemma.

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Alysha E. Marie said...

Yellow! I love yellow clothing, so cute. I would love to find a dress this shade of yellow. && it looks even better with that belt. In fact, I think most Spring/Summer dresses look even better with a belt.