Thursday, April 14, 2011

in need of a good home: these pants

because let's be honest, i'm not going to be wearing full length pants past mid may, so i need to wear my white jeans now. societal white pant conventions be darned.
cardigan- target
sweater- banana republic
jeans- american eagle
shoes- target

but i think i need to do a closet purge. i just hate way too much of my stuff. it's holding me back. what's creative about wearing stuff you loathe? i should just repeat things i'm happy wearing. there are no points for putting together outfits and then hating 50% of the items you are wearing. and getting dressed is all about the points. i might as well stay in bed if i can't earn at least 5463 points on my sartorial choices from the judging fairies. it's torture.
like these pants. they've done nothing wrong but i pretty much despise them. for my tastes they are too low-waisted, the distressing translates as very young and skinny white denim is never a good idea on my lower half. i'm a snotty nose, ketchuppy fingers, sit in dirt/oil/poop/grass stain/old-chocolate-in-the-crevice-of-my-car-seat magnet. so, through no fault of their own, i'm going to have to find these pants new home. i know there is a loving home for them somewhere. someone who can provide the time and care and attention they need and deserve.  

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modernmom said...

What size are these rejects? They may find a way to my closet. And if it is all about the points, you are way ahead of me.