Friday, April 29, 2011

enough about the royal wedding, let's talk about me!

i wore a hat out to dinner for my birthday in a nod to the british nuptials. thomas was such a good sport. he laughed at me, but proudly held my hand all around downtown.
i found this skirt while thrifting at goodwill on 50% off day. it cost me 2 dolla! i could tell by the weight and construction and the lining that it was kind of a big deal. i googled the tag and figured out that the designer louis feraud is no slouch. so, by default, i'm a pretty big deal too. 

coincidentally, i wore this shirt on my birthday last year too.   
hat- target dollar spot!
t shirt- gap
belt- fossil
skirt- thrifted!
shoes- kristin davis via tjmaxx
bag- gigi hill

 and fellow south carolinian fashion bloggers julie of everyday embellishments and mandy of simplicity and reality both own this hat too. so if you visit south carolina anytime soon, be prepared to have women wearing very large hats hit you in the forehead with the brim.

and this morning was my doppleganger kate middleton's little wedding.

 while i was pulling for a victoria beckham designed gown,(i have a winnebago-sized girl crush on posh) i am quite pleased with the end result. and kate didn't even consult me. though i was a little underwhelmed with the gown, i'm so glad she went with something classic and princess grace inspired and avoided the strapless gown overkill that we have seen in the last few years. but wouldn't something with feathers been fun too?

but i guess her cartier diamond tiara was alright too. i bet after the ceremony she went and inhaled a big, drippy philly cheese steak. i know i would have. actually thomas and i stopped at mcdonald's after we got married because there was a traffic jam on I-15 and we were both starving. we're classy like that.

my fave gown was worn kate's sister pippa. so elegant! very smart! the best look of the day.

and i'm a TOTAL sucker for uniforms. sometimes i get swoony when the garbage man is wearing his monogrammed work shirt. a uniform even helped prince harry to shrug off that red-headed-step-child-i'd-rather-be-getting-plastered look that he often sports.
oh! how did this little gem sneak in there?
so young. so dumb. so in love.


Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

love love love hats! i think next year for easter i am going to wear a hat for do you think that will go over in sacrament meeting? wedding dresses are so memorably great!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Awwww! Your McyD's wedding story made me tear up a bit. Love your skirt find.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Nicole said...

LOL! I just love you! Miss you guts! Happy Birthday!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday! Love the hat ;)

Monica Whitney said...

You look so regal. I love it.

Ask the Duplex

Joy said...

me and my hubs went to mcdonald's after our own wedded bliss. you are not alone in your white wedding trash-ness, we would gladly share a booth.

Fash Boulevard said...

haha. i love this. you look amazing. great post love. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Swing by to see my picks for fash fave and fash fail of the week. xoxo

Anonymous said...

I loved Pipa´s dress too! I stayed up to watch the whole event! Still over the moon for the magical moments, I want a prince so bad!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

Lili said...

My thoughts exactly! I'm glad I'm not alone, as I did feel a little bad about it... But I was a lil underwhelmed by Kate's dress, too, but loved Pippa's :-D

Erin said...

Let everyone who is a fan of Heidiluxe know that I took that lovely picture of Heidi and her sweetheart on their wedding day! Prince William wanted me to be the royal photographer, but I turned him down. I have 2 babies at home to care for. ;)

Carie said...

First of all, Happy Birthday (late.)

I love your hat.

I love Kate's dress, almost more than life itself. I really wish them all the happiness in the world.

I love Kate's sister's dress.

Lastly, I love that pic of you and Big T.

AJBrush said...

Such a great post... & you pull off the hat very well! I love it! :-)


Emily Curfew said...

This is one of my favorite heidiluxe post. Your bday outfit is "stunning". Really you look like a beautiful, fashionable, southern belle. I would have been proud to be by your side. And you were such a lovely bride, your wedding was my first non- sister weding. And I was giddy to be there.

I watched so much royal wedding recap before bed that it turned out a lot in my dreams. I think Kate looked so beautiful and I LOVED her classic wedding dress and I'm glad it wasn't over the top. But pippa looked hot hot hot and I loved that her dress were modest. I'd wear her exact dress if I were getting married tmrw.

Anula said...

You look gorgeous! I love your hat and bag!!

Jenna said...

I love your hat.

Scott & I watched the highlights of the wedding & loved the bride's dress. Pippa's dress was stunning until we saw an overhead shot & could see that her bra must have been minimal to non-existent. :O

Brittney said...

i know i'm a year late, but your commentary on this particular post was above-and-beyond. loved it. and LOVE the pic of you & thomas on your wedding day. awwww... *wipe a tear* i feel like i was there. kinda. not really. but still. it's a beautiful shot.

Leah said...

I love the wedding pic of you & your man! You are gorgeous!!