Monday, November 07, 2011


so, in the last 10ish weeks i've been MIA. and i have several really really good reasons. 

1. i am great with child. 15 weeks this wednesday. i've been tired like you wouldn't believe. i've worn sweatpants a LOT. 

2. i have had the sinus infection that just wouldn't quit. for 3 solid weeks.
seriously. i finally broke down and went to a doctor today. dr. long hong. i kid you not.that's his real name. feel free to giggle or cringe. he prescribed me some pills that i would not sell on the street for $1 million dollars, so don't ask. i can't wait for my face to hit the pillow tonight.

3. i just knew the kardashian/humphries marriage was doomed from the git go. i found it so hard to think of posting trivial things when something this monumental was falling apart. who is next, khloe and lamar? say it ain't so! it made me so sick that couldn't tell if my gagging was due to morning(all day) sickness or the complete waste of time and money and space and energy and clothing that anything related to the kardashian sisterhood unreality is. and yet i'm STILL talking about them.  

if we're facebook friends, you've already heard my thoughts on the impending kardashian divorce:
"never trust a big butt and a smile." -bel biv devoe

BUTT(so punny) that being said, one of my favorite saturday night live sketches of late has been the lampooning the the kardashian sisters. i even laughed at kristen wiig this week, whom i do not find funny. at all. and i know i'm alone in that opinion. and that's fine.

4. i'm bizzy. and i like to read and that takes up a lot of time. but i have a BRILLS bookish idea for a blog post series. i'll enjoy it. you prob won't. i still do it anyway. 

the end. 


Jessica said...

hooray! you're back! and i've been dying for someone to cover fashion for a maternity clothes standpoint. so you better not disappoint!!! hahaha. j/k. kinda. haha. i hope you're feeling better soon, and i find i get sinus infections A TON during all of my pregnancies. hate it. and i also do not find kristen wiig funny. she does the same bit for every role she does.

Jenna said...

Hopefully you will feel better in all ways soon.

Anonymous said...

Cograts for the new baby! Guess you are the first preggo Darth Vader, you are such a cool mom! Can't wait to see your outfits with your baby bumps!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Elaine said...

YAY!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!

Will and Natalie Giddens said...

Are you sure your doctor's name wasn't Long Duck Dong???? Did you find yourself repeating Sixteen Candles lines throughout the appointment?

Kristen Wiig=Not funny at all

I'm just happy to see your Heidiluxe face! Update a/b anything! We all need more snark and laughter in our lives.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you're back. I missed you plus I also wanted to tell you that due to some hand me downs from my professional friend, I have been dressing much fancier in my everyday mom life (satiny dresses over leggings, blazers over lace). Sometimes I wonder if I look stupid or of I should, but I love my new clothes and I remember you. You give me permission to dress so everyone asks "where are going today.". Thanks.

Aleisha Z. Coleman said...

your wit and 'punniness' have been missed. congrats on the pregnancy and good luck in the next weeks! looking forward to how you class up wearing sweats:)

Emily Curfew said...

Love Scarlett's face in that first picture. Don't you love knowing your children (and husband) think your crazy? I sure do. For some weird reason I take it as a compliment. Cuz what's better than Krazy!!!! (and that "K" was thrown in for The Kardash madness )

Marci said...

I swear you told me you were all done with birthing babies (then again I said that 3 times and look where it got me). I am so happy for you and cannot wait to meet your newest tiny. When are you coming to KC anyway??? Love you Heidi.

modernmom said...

Yay! For the big announcement.
Best costume ever.
Kardasians: Losers, SNL skits: Winners
Glad you are back.
Book posts? I'm in!

Rachel@ A Little Bit of Ray said...

Can't wait for the book posts. I so feel ya on the all day sickness. My pregnancies are awful. Which is why I had 3 right in a row-to get it over w/ for a while. It made sense at the time... Glad you're back!

Nicky said...

I am so happy that you did not break up with blogging. Reading your brillant thoughts make me VERY HAPPY. Thank you. Congratulations on the new baby. Yes you don't know me...this is my first comment, I just couldn't help myself I am so happy you are back.

Molly at Anthromollogies said...

Happy Congrats to you, my dear! Hope you're feeling all sorts of better. and, may the force be with you. (sorry, couldn't resist.)