Thursday, March 17, 2011

here i come to save the day!

i bought these pants months ago and i couldn't wait to don them on saint patrick's day. there is an interesting phenomenon out there. once the weather warms up a little, people start dressing in less clothing. it's very common, perhaps you've experienced it too. what never ceases to amaze me is that it can be 60 degrees and i will see tube tops, sundresses, booty shorts and muscle tees. incroyable! i like to fathom that they must work in a very well heated facility, like a chicken plucking factory. when i was in college at BYU, the sun would be shining for about 20 minutes and the snow barely melted and SOMEBODY would be wearing shorts. with a sweatshirt and socks and sandals. yet, i wear some green linen printed pants and i'm the one getting stared at in the grocery store. like i'm the weirdo! an unexplained phenomenon indeed.

 *note to self. find a new pose. you're not wonderwoman.
shirt- old navy
pants- thrifted
shoes- amanda smith
necklace- grandmother


two birds said...

those pants are amazing! worth the odd stares!

Sarah said...

Dang girl dang, if those aren't pants that scream St. Patty's then I don't know what are! I love them!
Wearing It On My Sleeves

Lori said...

Those pants are out of control :)
How fun are they!!!!

Julie said...

I love everything about this outfit!

Kaitlyn said...

well this is fun! haha.

i am in my college town right now and i absolutely hate it when the weather is just a little warmer than usual (upper 50's to low 60's) and girls are running around in booty shorts.. sometimes booty shorts + fake uggs. seriously?! a. it is not warm enough for shorts, let alone BOOTY shorts and b. shorts + uggs = pick a season! is your outfit for spring or winter?!