Saturday, September 25, 2010

friday night lights

because i'm not watching enough football as it is.

thomas and i have "our shows". psych, burn notice, modern family, 30 rock. we made it through 7 seasons of 24 and we are waiting for season 8 to become available on netflix. i have a few shows that i DVR and watch whilst ironing so that i don't have to subject thomas to them(project runway, say yes to the dress). we did watch a few episodes of bachelor pad and laughed hysterically but also felt a lot dumber afterward. (plus, it was frightening to see so many adults who had never graduated from their high school mentality of being part of the "in" crowd) not much is good and original on tv so we tend to scour netflix for our shows. we have added to our repertoire is friday night lights. we love it. football and teenage angst. we just started season 2.

there are definitely some characters that are annoying(julie) and one in particular that i would love to see drive off a cliff(lyla) but the ensemble is great. and it's not all football and drama. i laugh in every episode. my favorite character is tim riggins. and not for the reasons you may think. he cracks me up. and he has the little-boy-lost-confused-face down pat.

my other fave character is tami taylor. perhaps it is her hair. i've had pretty much every hair color possible, except for strawberry blonde. i think i may go for it.

full hearts, clear eyes, can't lose! dillon panthers football!


Will and Natalie Giddens said...

I'm actually really surprised you guys haven't been watching this show all along. It seems right up your allies. I watched the first couple of seasons, and then, like every other show, I just lost interest. I think it's in its final season now? Riggins was always my favorite. And Landry. And the shy quarterback that likes Julie. What's his name again? Oh and the guy who plays Coach Taylor is from Loganville, Georgia and is a UGA alum. Tell THAT to Big T!

Paula said...

Logan and I LOVE FNL. We have watched all the seasons and since we directTV we get to watch the seasons in the fall instead of waiting until January for it to come on NBC.WWRD-you will learn what that means.

Jessica said...

i LOVE friday night lights and i think tami taylor is BEAUTIFUL. i wish i looked just like her. i love her and coach taylor's relationship. tim riggins is both scott and my favorite character as well. and like natalie said -- i'm surprised you haven't been watching this show all along!

Emily Curfew said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW> one of my all time faves. its got great drama. we've watched since it first aired. i remember getty teary eyed alot in the first season. was so bummed when they switched to directv, then we had to wait for them to come out on dvd. we are playing catch up on netflix now.

and tammi is awesome!! love her. she is a great mom. i want to be like her when i grow up.

and like jessica, i love their relationship. heheheh