Sunday, September 26, 2010

tight buns

tight buns seem to only exist on my head.
but that doesn't keep me from trying.

saturday it was 95 degrees. i spray painted furniture and vacuumed out the car and sweated like a porcine proletarian all day. and then i took the kids swimming.
today i woke up and it was rainy and cold. and fantastic. about 70 degrees for the high. a nice change. i busted out a jacket that i have had for at least 5 years but only wear once every other year. and today was the day. i also found that because of my spray painting adventure, my feet still had a nice black to gray ombre effect even after two showers and swimming. so hosiery became a necessity today.

and this dress doesn't really have a definitive color scheme. is it silver? is the pattern gray? what about the brown dots? and the black ribbon at the neck? and purple dots too? and the jacket? i don't wear it because the proportions are so off for my body. it's not long enough and the dress is too rectangular and this is starting to sound like a math problem. so i thought, pair it with whatever. it doesn't matter anyway. let's just slap some pattern on pattern. it will all work as long as i work it. it's not rocket surgery.
dress- target
hosiery- target
jacket- dillards
shoes- tj maxx
attitude- your mom


Jessica said...

Well it seems that this complicated "math" problem had a pretty darn pretty solution! I like how your outfit turned out. (And I can't believe you're toughing out tights in such hot weather!)

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Elaine said...

Hahaha, during those times, I just regard it as "neutral"... ;)

Love the tights and the red jacket! That jacket deserves more wear!!

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Susann Akers said...

You look very nice and the shoes rock. In fact the red shoes and that jacket look very good indeed

Holly Niederhauser Larsen said...

I heart this outfit.