Sunday, October 03, 2010

the weather is so delightful

i like modesty. i like what it represents; a person who is comfortable with themselves that they don't have to show everything. it's the way i choose to dress because of my religious beliefs. growing up and even now, it hasn't always my favorite thing because it is a more difficult way of dressing and trying to be fashionable. and being modest means that during the summertime, i am hot because i am more covered. but the benefits far outweigh the difficulties of modesty. knowing i am doing the best thing for me is the most rewarding part. trying to find shirts, skirts and shorts that are long enough, or shirts and blouses with sleeves and aren't too low cut has become my personal goal in life. i refuse to dress like a pioneer. modesty doesn't mean frumpy. modesty is anything you want it to be. embracing modesty means you can be fashionable, accessible and youthful.

due to alabama's crushingly delightful win over florida, i had to show my loyalty today while i was watching general conference.

blue collared shirt- jc penney?
NATIONAL CHAMPION long sleeve burn out t shirt- sports store in tuscaloosa, alabama!
animal print skirt- target
crimson tide heels that i just can't get enough of- tj maxx

*note to self- air dried hair is not as fun and carefree as i thought. more like gross and fuzzy. and this is the most awkward picture on earth.
animal print cardigan- old navy
pleated ruffle neck blouse- tj maxx
black skinny pants- tj maxx
red flats- byu bookstore

and i was totally jumping the gun on the boots and sweatshirt. but until about 1pm on monday i was nice and toasty. and after 1 pm i was overdressed and sweaty.

plaid woven button-up shirt- tj maxx
hooded kangroo pocket sweatshirt-target
black skinny pants- tj maxx
steve madden black leather equestrian boots- ebay

but i guess my most important reason for recording my modest outfits and trying to promote modesty in any way that i can is because i've got a little girl mimicking me all day long. and i want her to mimic me for good. and i love her to bits and i want to be a better woman because of her. and if i ever see an exposed thong on her, i will slap her silly and lock her in her room until age 40.


Holly Niederhauser Larsen said...

wow, Heidi. You are one sexy pioneer!

Marilee said...

I absolutely love the way you dress, so chic. And diddo on the daughter comment. The rule for our house is if your daddy walked in on you in your undies and he would then be damaged for life you can't wear them.

Elaine said...

Hhahahaha, I liked your thong comment! LOL!!!

You're totally rocking that t-shirt! I would've been stumped on how to make it look chic.

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Kaitlyn said...

cute outfits! and your post cracked me up.. hilarious and stylish? great combo!