Wednesday, October 06, 2010

who's the boss?

when i wear this jacket i feel like samantha micelli.
the resemblance is uncanny:

jacket-mossimo for target
t shirt- target
silk scarf- my grandmother picked it up in japan in the 1970s
jeans- forever skinny from gap
red flats- byu bookstore

"eh oh, oh eh"
and to continue the 80's theme of the outfit, i just recently bought these forever skinny jeans from the gap. and i am pretty much thrilled with them. sometimes gap jeans are avoided because of their tendency to stretch out at least a full size. i haven't had that experience with these jeans and i have worn them almost constantly since purchase without washing. i bought my regular size. they are snug enough to keep their shape, but loose enough that i don't feel like my thighs are encased in sausage skins. actually, the only area of the jeans that really feels supremely snug is my calves. and i have huge, muscular calves so it wasn't too suprising. i think the BEST part of these jeans are the midrise waist. (marilee, this is for you!) everything is covered, there is no gapping for me and the pockets are still perfectly placed on my backyard so that i don't look like someone's grandma from behind. and they tuck perfectly into boots. i may need to go back and get the dark rinse. two thumbs way up gap!

funny shot of the day:
we are all skinny jeans fans here.


Marilee said...

I am so checking out those jeans, always looking for a good pair. Thanks a ton, PS your daughter is so stinking gorgeous.

Salt H2O said...

I names my daughter after Samantha Micelli. That and Sam from Betwitched.