Friday, October 22, 2010

music for me and you and your kids

awhile back i asked for suggestions on some good running music to help me through my current training regimen. and now i have a song for you. i love anthemic songs to get me motivated or pull me out of a rut on a long run. hopefully this song will motivate you too. i am pretty much in love with 30 seconds to mars now. and who doesn't love jordan catalano? i hope that confession doesn't age me too much. i happened upon this tunage on mindi's blog. and i haven't looked back.

and, if you haven't noticed, most halloween music is pretty tired. musty, kind of like how all those haunted houses and hay rides smell. but here is something new and fresh and interesting that doesn't sound a thing like "monster mash" that you and your kids will enjoy:

because who doesn't like a little person dancing around in a track suit to halloween music?

the full song can be found here.

and since i hate cancer just as much(probably more) than the next guy, here is something good going on in the world: count crow and the children's hospital foundation. so if you purchase count crow's album on amazon or itunes in the month of october, 10% of the proceeds go to help children. so, go ahead and buy two.

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Nicole said...

LOVE Jordan Catalono too! I mean LOVE him! Pink hair and all now, he is still gorgeous!!! That is a good song, I'll have to download it, thanks for sharing!