Thursday, October 28, 2010

mrs. simpson if you're nasty

EVERYTHING i wore on sunday was from target. excepting shoes, including belt and earrings. should i be proud or ashamed? i know, proud. who doesn't love target and who doesn't love saving money on trendy items with a short shelf life? but, i don't want to be only wearing short term items, so i am banning myself from target clothing for myself until january 2011. boom. i'm trying to replace "holla" ever since gretchen on project runway said it. and no, i haven't watched the finale yet so no comments about mondo taking home the crown(that's my wish). so "boom" it is for the time being.

i was pretty excited about wearing all this together, except i felt like a pre-k teacher because i was wearing flats to church. and that is just an unnatural feeling for me. like toothpaste and orange juice. and raisins in cookies. or nuts in fudge.

an outtake closey of the stripes. i think the stripes are what make it happen. they just don't show up very well.

i don't do sultry faces very well. they look more like stinky diaper faces. plus, i was in a questionable mood. and i'm no adriana lima.

but i wouldn't be surprised if she was thinking about something smelly with some of her intense looks.


Angie said...

love it. I have a love/hate with Target because the clothes are cute, but they look worn out so fast.

Emily Curfew said...

do you practice your facial expressions in the mirror? you've really got it down. hahaha

sisters4saymoreismore said...

oh my gosh! i can't even tell you how many times i just burst out laughing!!! stinky diaper face... awesome!
i totally hear you on flats to church... some of my best heels only come out for church because, lets face it, i can only wear them 3 hrs at a time!
i am a total target junkie... its a problem.

LOVE your blog!