Wednesday, February 23, 2011

pretty fly

we're back from california. i dressed exceedingly comfortable. i carried two carry-on duffle bags and a backpack full of kid activities for the plane. and that was it. i was not going to shell out $50 to check any bags. as a result, i think that i have mastered the art of packing light. 3 people(my husband couldn't make it), 2 outfits per person, 2 pairs of shoes per person and everything was mix and match for the other 2 days. plus two dresses for scarlett and me and a pair of khaki pants for reagan for church.

i didn't pose for any outfit pictures so i pulled these out of my family photos for my other blog and cropped them. my sister jokingly said that i looked like a mom. but she knows that isn't an insult, because i am a mom(the two kids and the snot stains on my sleeves are dead giveaways). i'm not embarassed of my maternal status. and that doesn't mean that i have to wallow around in elastic-waist pants and no makeup. (though i do enjoy wallowing. but elastic-waist pants are for special occasions. like toilet scrubbing.)
t shirt- gap
scarf- tjmaxx
cardigan- target
jeans- forever skinny gap
sneaks- asics

and i wore a very similar version of this outfit here, i just swapped out the more meticulous accessories for a more laid back look.
dress- thrifted
cardigan- loft
belt- gap
gladiator sandals- bakers(i wish i could find another pair of these. they are some of my most favorite shoes EVAH!)

and an action shot:
purposefully walking with very wide steps with a CARS backpack on my back, obviously going to somewhere awesome!
*every one of my 3 brothers commented on these bright yellow pants. i think they wanted to borrow them. they love me.
striped t shirt- old navy
cardigan- loft
bright yellow pants- gap real straight cords

and my fave part of disneyland were the asian tourists and their cutting edge trendy styles. it was so fun to see what they wore for a day at disney. most of them were so creative and put together. i felt like a big slob standing next to them in line. i wish i had felt brave enough to take pictures. one man was even wearing dress shoes and a three piece suit and the collar popped on his shirt.  his wife wore a big fur hat, a fur vest(a la rachel zoe), dressy shorts, thick tights and knee-high boots. i wanted to join their family. i always wanted to be asian when i grew up.


Julianne said...

OK, hooray for the whole family (minus Thomas, I'm sorry) making the trip to CA. I think that is just wonderful.

I think my favorite thing is that you wore the Cars backpack around the place.

Jessica said...

I'm going on a 2.5 day girls weekend to Seattle on Friday and all day I've been thinking "I wish Heidi could come tell me what to wear out of my closet."

Please get a job transfer to Spokane. The weather only sucks 5 months a year.

Carie said...

Sunny California, how I've missed it these 10 years. Mostly in February.

I am the worst packer possible. Of all time to boot. I pack the wrong stuff and lots of it.

Glad you had a fun trip.

DMC Studios said...

I always wanted to be assimilation growing up too! How bizarro is that?!

modernmom said...

I always wanted to be black when I grew up. Don't give up on your dream, and I won't give up on mine.

Julie said...

I am a chronic over-packer. It always pains me to pay for those checked bags but I always do it :(
blech. Maybe i'll do better next time? Maybe not.

Marci said...

Ummm....the next time the Becks go someplace cool, I think the Clays need to tag along. What I wouldn't give to have heard your brothers comments about your yellow pants. Had I been along for the trip, your brother's sarcasm would have definitely been the highlight of my experience!! There are few things in life better than being party to a Beck family gathering!

Elaine said...

I wish I were that kind of Asian.

Your yellow pants make me happy!

Jenna said...

Here's my top secret tip for photographing awkward things - pose the kids somehow in the vicinity & just move the camera a little bit to the left or right for one of the shots. It works for getting the interiors of fancy houses too.

And I am a chronic over-packer too. I try to be conservative & then rebel at the lack of choices. Luckily, Delta lets us fly our bags for free because of Scott's over-high mileage for the year.

Tabitha said...

love the pants! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I will only allow my governess to turn my curtains into clothing for my children if she sings while sews.

do re me fa so la ti do

Kaitlyn said...

can i just tell you that i thought the pic of you with the yellow pants and purple cardi was natalie portman?!? haha.. you should definitely take that as a compliment!

JG said...

Those pants! I die. Love them.