Thursday, February 03, 2011

2 girls eating bananas

i've been experiencing a little bit blogger burnout. my first indicator was when i didn't even feel like taking outfit pictures. my second(and more important indicia) was when i found myself thinking about my blog during church. shame on me! so i made a little course correction right then and there. i resolved to remember why i blog. this is for fun and relaxation! not compliment gratification, not for impressing everyone with my extensive target wardrobe, not for anything else. and then i made a quick list of things i want to do more than blogging sometimes. i found myself putting off small projects until i had updated my blog or perused other blogs. no mas! so, this week i did bike riding til you puke, math with m&ms, home decorating(which i am still so bad at), pillow making, book reading(a lame prequel but it was still reading), organizing my jewelry, and bathroom cleaning(delight!) turns out i am a well-rounded individual!
sweater- kohl's
button up- thrifted
skinny cargo pants- target
boots- gianni bini
pillows- i made them! with fabric from IKEA that i have been hoarding for about 2 years

i really don't like the boots with this outfit. at all. i may be done with these boots. i don't need them tempting me anymore when i am never happy with their results. they are like a twinkie. just not that good.

and then i also moved my followers list. i don't want to seem like having followers is the theme of my blog. i have never liked the term "follower". i wish it could be called "likers". it's so much less sheep-like. so if you want to be a "liker", feel free. i will still appreciate you very much.

a final thought on pillows(since this is the most random post ever):
sometimes i laugh and cringe at the same time when i read that a pillow is "only $60!" because to me, something is "only $60" when it used to be $300. and if it is $60, then i want it to be a pillow that you do more than sit on. it needs to be able to vacuum and take phone messages. can i get an amen?


Jenna said...

Cute pillow covers. And I just noticed that blogspot allows a feature where someone can LIKE, DISLIKE, or WHATEVER your post. (You can fill in the blanks on the check marks.)

As I was wondering the clothing racks today, I was thinking, "I wonder if Heidi ever shops here..." and then "Oh yeah - she is that cute with Target."

Nicole said...


Kaitlyn said...

aw, what a cutie your daughter is! and those pillows are great! i could never do something like that, haha. i can't even sew a button. i agree about a $60 pillow - how ridiculous. it's just a pillow for darn sakes.. i would rather spend that money on makeup and clothes! lol

Anonymous said...

I've been through that existential blogger phase, but once you realize the real reason why you started it you know it's all worth it! ... Loved the titles, cute girls eating bananas!

Marilee said...

Amen, only a darn perfect pair of boots warrant that kind of money. And the love/hate relationship with blogging is a constant battle. Like everything we have to keep balanced. Love the random cover lots of topics posts, it reminds us all we are women and that means random Right?

Brittney said...

oh totally. i love pillows but for some reason have a hard time spending serious cash on them. maybe that's weird, because they can totally transform a room, but it's the truth.
p.s. LOVE those ikea ones you made. i'm a fan of ikea fabric.
p.p.s. i actually really really REALLY (that's right. 3 reallys) like those boots with this! when you look at the photos, what kind of shoe do you envision would match the vibe you're going for? (i know what you mean about not being super happy with something when you see it in photos; i'm just curious here.) because, for me, this ensemble + footwear is a spot-on match.

Master P said...

I rarely "follow" people because I already subscribe to them on my PSS feed. So you "only" have 61 followers? I checked your blog out in my reader, and there are 138 people subscribed to your blog!! I've been blogging for over 10 years, and I only have 68, so do a "I'm so cool" dance. Not that that's why we blog anyway :)

Master P said...

Oh, Master P is my gmail account - it's Reva here :)

Soccer Mom Style said...

Amen, sister! I am all for a super-pillow that can do all that!!!
Thanks for your sweet comment. I'm your newest "liker"! Cute outfit with boots and all. You lil angel is adorable.
I'll be definitely back.

Paula said...

AMEN! I saw some pillows on a blog and she was saying they were on sale for 60-80 dollars. Good grief. Love your pillows though. I like the 3 different designs and Scarlett's pose.