Friday, February 04, 2011

purple rain

it's rainy. i love prince. later, i plan on purifying myself in lake minnetonka. there you go. (i don't recommend that movie.)
cardigan- loft
tiered tank- target
skirt- banana republic
tights- target
shoes- kristin davis via target

brittany of a day in the life too gave me a stylish blogger award. GRACIAS! brittany is a blogger who i think i would be friends with in real life. she would sit at the cool table and i would lurk creepily by each day at lunch and stare. then i would try and eat her crumbs off the table after she was done. we would be those kind of friends. 
so, i have to:
1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.

2. Share seven things about yourself.

3. Award seven recently discovered (by me, anyway) great bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

me and my brother circa 1994. we look like we are holding hands. we are close like that.

1. in the 6th grade i spent most of my time reading books. i read so much during school that i wasn't passing any of my classes. i hid all my bad papers in the crawl space above my closet. (hi mom!) i pulled it together eventually and made it to the 7th grade.

2. i used to always have a perm. one time my mom only permed my bangs. i hated perms. my solution to make my hair straighter was to brush my hair as much as possible. and that made it WAAAY better(sarcasm). see here for photo evidence. i even got a perm once when i was in college. in the year 2000. that was an off year for me.

3. my worst date ever was chronicled in the BYU newspaper. it's worth the read. it involves garbage cans, poopy diapers and broken bones. i wish now that it named my date in the article. what an oaf. i guess that dumbest part is that wasn't our last date. another time he wanted to go climb a water tower. and we did! it was the one in front of the provo temple. i remember one of my friends telling me that she wished that she was dating him. i guess i was the better friend and took the bullet for her.

4. in high school, i asked a guy that i was sort of dating to my senior prom(he went to a different school). and then about a week later i realized that i didn't want to go with him(because he was SO boring) and i broke the date. by making up a lie. because i am insensitive. i asked someone else(such a liberated woman!) and then the night of the prom i saw my original date's sister. i am a horrible person. my original date still snubs my mom at the grocery store. i wish he would get over me. but apparently i am that hard to get over.

5. in the first grade i told everyone on the playground that my name was sorsha. one girl didn't believe me and called me out on it. i think i ran away from her. then, in the 4th grade my friend mimi and i made up an alter ego for me. we told this girl, tedi(her real unfortunate name), that i had a twin sister named lucy who only visited when i was out of town. so sometimes i would pretend to be lucy. for lucy i used a southern accent, naturally. i probaby just sounded like a drunk cowboy. ha! i was a big liar growing up. i like to think i was just imaginative.

6. when i was 6, i took dance classes at this studio called ronda's total technique in dance. my teacher was in high school and i remember her skin being particularly orange and her hair being especially white and her eyeliner be very unnaturally blue. i'm sure i thought she was beautiful. she had us dance to michael jackson's bad and at the part where michael sings, "your butt is mine" we had to turn around and put our hands on our fanny and shake it for the audience. i don't think i was at the dance school much longer after that. also, when i was 4, i took dance from a lady in her basement. one day my mom said we couldn't go anymore because my teacher's husband had gone crazy and decided that he was a messiah or a prophet and that everyone should come live on his compound. i never got to wear my duck dance costume. this is probably why i am such a terrible dancer.

7. i can't dive. it's quite unfortunate.  i don't understand how my feet are supposed to leave the ground and propel my head and arms to go down. simple physics really.

and the 7 i tag are:

carie of announcing carie (because i don't think you will accept the challenge) muwhahahaha


Marilee said...

I feel so bad for you for your horrible date but I did benefit from the article. When I first arrived at BYU the shaffer gals told me I had to read the paper. And lo and behold your article was there only a month after arriving. I made up my mind that I was not going to fall into that trap and only went on legitimate dates that were planned. So thank you for your horrid night of poop you saved me from such "memorable" night for myself!

And I love your old stories about growing up, I always take a restroom break before I begin reading cause they crack me up that much! Seriously I wish I had been just a bit older we would have been great friends, instead I settled for David but he made for good stories too!

The Elegant Bohemian said...

Heidi! Oh my goodness! How sweet are you?! Thanks so much girly! I love your Purple Rain reference. I LOVE the music in that movie; but for my little 17 year old self, that love scene between Prince and Apolonia was off the charts! I saw the movie with my boyfriend and the time and it was HIGHLY uncomfortable! Thanks again for the award! BTW, you wear purple maaaahvelously! ~Serene

Julianne said...

The BYU story made me laugh a whole whole bunch. As did that nice hand-holding picture of you and Steve. Thanks for that.

Daphne said...

All different shades of purple look so cool and anchored by that khaki skirt.
Congrats on the award.
Thanks for visiting my blog:

Barry & Margo Swartz said...

Thinking about #4....laughing so hard. Those were some times :)

modernmom said...

I got some hot pink/fuschia/purplish tights at Target. Can I play on your team?

MerciBlahBlah said...

Awwww - thank you for the award! I will work up my post this week and HOPE that I have a story that can at least rival your mysterious twin Lucy story.

Fingers crossed....


Jenn said...

I love all your shades of purple! I would have never thought to wear those together, but it looks great! I like your creativity. (And your blog. Just started following. Super fun!)

Paula said...

I love me some Prince. Seriously-I have his greatest hits cd. Love the purple as well my friend. That cardigan rocks.

Lori said...

Thanks for the award. I will post my seven this weekend :)