Wednesday, February 16, 2011

pants to eat in

remember that friend's episode when joey wears rachel's maternity pants for thanksgiving so that he can fit more food in his gut? that's how i feel about these pants. ample breathing room. i could steal extra dinner rolls and silverware if i needed to.
and speaking of new year's resolutions(nice segue), i am doing well on my-don't-yell-at-strangers-in-public bit. twice in the past week i have been in situations where i could have easily made my point by yelling at the top of my lungs and breaking 2x4s across my knee, but i held back. it hurt and i think i am going to have a hernia as a result, but i am sticking to the plan. but the plan does need a back up plan. a phrase i can nicely say when someone is taking advantage of the situation or standing in front of me when you are 6 feet tall and holding a large manpurse and filming your kid at the kindergarten program therefore blocking my view of my kid. in that instance i just bit my tongue until i tasted blood in my mouth. not much of a plan because i left angry and my thoughts were filled with the notion that i could look into a career in professional wrestling. with a name like heidi the sequined avenger.
longsleeve t- gap
ruffle blouse- wal*mart
belt- gap
boyfriend khakis- gap
shoes- jessica simpson

the end.


chicfreakcubed said...
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MerciBlahBlah said...

I whole-heartedly support your career as WWF's newest darling, Heidi The Sequined Avenger. I also support your decision to yell at anyone carrying a man purse and blocking your view of your kid. Or just carrying a man purse in general, because WHO DOES THAT?!!!


modernmom said...

You do what I do. "Um, excuse ME. I was watching my kid, too. (To self-Rude.)"

Kaitlyn said...

the sequened avenger. i'd like to see your costume! haha.

i get so annoyed with people, not just strangers. and it sucks for me right now because i'm on rotations and my preceptor is one of those people who likes to chit chat about nothing and waste other people's time.. but there's nothing i can do about it because he's my preceptor! grr.

The Elegant Bohemian said...

Oh Heidi! I love those shoes....I hate to say it because I'm not a big fan of Jessica Simpson, but homegirl makes a great shoe! ~Serene

Katri said...

you're so cute and I love the way you write!
Cardigans and Cookie Dough

Morgan said...

LOVE the outfit! And great job on the resolution girl!!

Meet Virginia Design

Linda said...

First, great work on your resolution!
Also, I need some maternity pants to wear when I eat. Good thinking!

The Auspicious Life

Lori said...

I hate when tall people act as though us shorties don't exist. GRRRR!!!
I'm currently working on finding my stick-up-for-myself voice. Maybe you could tutor me :)
Love those silver heels btw :)

Brittney said...

i'll bedazzle the t-shirts to sell for the sequined avenger, kay? and your outfit is uhMAAAAAzing! i love it. the metallic heels with everything else are just awesome. and also, speaking of being proud of not yelling at strangers, get this: i was sitting outside my daughter's ballet class a few minutes before it ended. my purse was at my feet. another mother was there with an 18(ish)-month-old, who promptly toddled over to me and started to get into my purse. i smiled at her and kind of nudged the purse out of her arm's reach and gave her mom (who was watching) a please-stop-your-daughter look. nope. the mom just shook her head and was all, "watch out, she loves to get into purses!" just like that. i was dying. seriously? be a mom. i'm a stranger and i could have a whole box of tampons in there for all you know. this is a prime teaching opportunity for your kid--use it!!
but you'd be proud, heidi. i didn't yell. i just moved my purse on my lap and zipped it up, smiling the whole time. it was painful.

alltumbledown said...

Its a good thing that wasn't my resolution. Because I yelled (ok, muttered at) 2 people on the train today. One for stepping back onto me and not saying excuse me, and one for pushing to get onto the train before everyone was off. I need to learn to keep my commuting anger to myself!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

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Leah said...

I just found your blog last night. Hubby & I were sitting on the couch watching TV and I was reading through post after post - cracking up at your sarcastic sense of humor!! Love the clothing inspiration, by the way. I'll DEF be back!!