Sunday, March 04, 2012


i've loathed pink for years. i will go out of my way to pick any different color if pink is an option on an item of clothing i want to purchase. but, i broke my own rules and i ordered the sleek sequin skirt in dusty cedar from downeast basics that i was lusting over(for $15, thank you for the head's up becca!). and i think pink may be making a comeback. 
jacket- target
maternity v neck- target
skirt- downeast basics
shoes- jessica simpson

*for the record, i ended up ordering the small. i was planning on waiting to wear it until after the baby was born but i couldn't resist trying it on. call me a glutton for punishment. surprisingly, this little puppy stretches like a DREAM. i wore it today and i felt like myself. snarky and full of heartburn.

for funnsies:
back in the day circa 2001 when i loved pink. this particular event was halloween, but really i just wanted to wear a bunch of pink. i lent that wig to someone to wear a few years back when they were feeling down and i never got it back. whoever that person is(i can't recall), is dead to me.

i've been working on a few home improvement/decor projects of late and for my home office i've been referring to this picture. and no, i don't pinterest. yes, i know it's wonderful. but i have plenty of other ways to waste time so i've made the conscious decision to not pinterest my time away. 
i think i would paint my walls pale gray(surprise) instead of white.

and i'm eyeing this for curtains(this print has been one of my favorite for years. i have pillows in the green version of this):
Waverly Cross Section Raspberry

or this:
Waverly Lovely Lattice Jungle

and this rug:


Jessica said...

oh my goodness! it took me a couple minutes of staring at that picture to realize it was EMILY in the other wig!!! hahahaha. good old crown 5 needs to ride again. hahaha. that skirt is perfection on you. i'm glad you got it (and for cheap!)

Brisa said...

I haven't been on pinterest once either for the exact same reason. I know it will just be something to get sucked into and waste my time. And everyone else spends their whole life on it telling me every cute project I need to do for my future house, baby, kitchen, etc. I don't even need to go on there for myself ha ha

pearls and myths said...

amazing skirt !

Lili said...

Those are exactly the ladylike pieces you were born to wear! Really, this is always what I like best on you. Imagine the pleasant surprise, all that ladylike business on the outside and your fierceness on the inside! Love it! :-D

Ashley said...

I personally think pink goes great with your complexion. Hot momma!

Emily Curfew said...

oh, no, you didn't!! hahahha that is one scary picture!! but hilarious as well. tell me more about your oriental rug choices!!! miss you girl!

n4s said...

Perfect, lovely compilation.. i like your style..

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Emily said...

Love love the skirt

DollHouse said...

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