Sunday, January 24, 2010

gratuitous outfit post

i discovered this handbag at kohl's this week. think it needs to be a birthday present to myself. as soon as it's marked down to $10, like every other handbag in my closet. also, do you say handbag or purse? or pocketbook?

and i tried really hard to be creative this week, but there are so many more important things than outfits,(GASP!carie!) to worry about that it was a struggle to try and stay fresh and upbeat.

fave item: light blue cords from american eagle for 13 bucks. normally, blue and i aren't friends. but i think we may start dating. i figure if we see each other occasionally, perhaps we could at least have a working relationship.

fave item: ombre sweater coat purchased from ann taylor loft for cheapcheapcheap. (pre new moon viewing)

fave item: i'm trying really hard not to say high-waisted A-line skirt, but i can't. i feel like i would be betraying it. like i am embarassed of how much i wear it. but i'm not. i just can't keep her in the closet. runner up, jet bead necklace from grandma maxine.

secret tip- both my shirt and my sweater are tucked into my pantyhouse. never came untucked once thru church and wrestling matches. thanks mary shaffer!(ps-mary, i know you have a married name, but clark doesn't apply here. the clays are the clays, shaffers are the shaffers, i am a beck. that's how it works.)

fave item- red fake patent flats purchased at BYU bookstore.

fave item: white tie-neck blouse from express. but, these cords are a close second. they are twins to the light blue ones. (excuse my conical head. poofy ponytails are never as flattering in hindsight as they are in foresight.)

my hair is even more embarassing in this one. unworldy hair poof in front and straggly rat tail down the back. no one should be friends with me.

fave item- MY HAIR! what a little effort and product can do. big hair means you are closer to heaven. i wish i could pull this off everyday.

closer view:

fave item-too small animal print cardigan purchased for $2.97. and yet another appearance from good ol' long sleeve gray t-shirt.

and what i really look like around the house. after i run errands, pick up kiddies from school, fold laundry, wipe bottoms, kiss owies, scrape poop out of fingernails:
fave item- the fact that i am actually showered and my sweats are cleanish and my hair is brushed(and straightened) and i am not wearing a knit cap and considering that a "fashion statement".
final word-why have i owned this camera for over two years and i have yet to take the time to learn to take a better picture with it? really.


Emily C said...

you're hair is bangen!

and that is one heck of a new blog header ;)
hope you like it, i'll resize it so that it fits in that box up there.

Carie said...

Love the blue (shocker.) Love the grey cardigan (double shock.) Love the appearance of Meatball.

I also tuck into pantyhose often. Its a good thing.

I am super super bummed.

Jeppson Clan said...

you are beautiful.

Jessica said...

you do have awesome hair. and i LOVE the high-waisted black skirt with the grey sweater and jet beads look.

and i love the blog header -- i really should make emily do one for me as well.

Becca said...

I say purse.

I thought your poney tail looked great in person. The pictures don't do it justice.

Can you teach me how to make my hair big and curly like that? Please???

Nicole said...

OK, first, LOVE the new blog header!!! Second, I say purse. and Third, why are those marvelous black boots not on the FAV list! I might have to take a tip to KC and steal those out of a box while they load the moving truck to go to AL!!! :) Love ya girl!

Livin' Single said...

can't wait to come home and steal outfits from you. just like old times!

DMC Studios said...

Hey it worked!! Que beuno! I'm with you on the names. clays are clays, becks are becks, I'm good with shaffer. I love these favorite item posts! It reminds me to use what I have and stop shopping online at forever 21 every few weeks. I call em purses.

Paula said...

So I gotta know. How do you do your hair? Do you wash everyday? What products do you use? I am really trying to learn how to style my hair and I suck at it. Helo!