Thursday, February 04, 2010

outfits and the art of motorcycle maintenance

the new header makes this blog worth reading. thank you emily. you light up my life and keep me classy.

sometimes i feel like a week's worth of outfits have an unintentional theme. like one item of clothing keeps reappearing, or certain colors or a feeling keeps popping up. this week would be called "dressing and the art of motorcycle maintenance". not that i know anything about motorcycles. but i love black and boots and skulls.

fave items- i love these gunmetal colored boots. they were the first boots i purchased after we moved from savannah to KC.

dress was purchased at the gap in 1999 for $25. i have worn it at least a million times and it has made appearances at formal dinners, my wedding luncheon and while i was 8 months pregnant. a dream of a dress. never wrinkles. i could sleep in it and still look fresh.

metallic jacket purchased at target for $3.97.

note to self: foosball table adds ten pounds. right on the hips. additional note: move table.

fave item-black steve madden boots purchased on ebay for $60. regularly priced at $200.

but i really love everything in this outfit. this is what i would wear everyday if i could. black and gray and leather and my sparkly scarf.

2nd place fave item- white men's hanes t-shirt. pack of 5 for $9. i may dedicate a week of outfits to these shirts.

probably my fave outfit of the week
fave item- distressed boyfriend jeans. it was actually about 45 degrees one day and so i decided to show off the shapely ankles.

fave trend on me- i LOVE big cuffed jeans a la motorcyle/leave it to beaver/lumber jack style. i started wearing my pants like this 2 summers ago after i decided i hated all the lengths on my other jeans. and my new trend was born. i love it with high wedge sandals and flats. love it. amen.

fave item- goldenrod belt purchased for $1.97 at gap. actually purchased two of them with the intention of giving one to the first person who complimented me on wearing it.


Jessica said...

And I was the first person to compliment you- and I recieved that belt- LOVE IT!! Your outfits are so fun!

Emily C said...

your looking very badd-a$$ this week

Jeppson Clan said...

dang it i was going to compliment you on the belt! AND all the other great outfits. i love that i "caught" you taking that picture when i was dropping reagan off, i rang the doorbell and there was a flash of light, it was surreal!

Merilee said...

I would just like to say I love reading your blogs. A lot. Love the themes. Love the black leather. Love. Love. Love.