Thursday, February 18, 2010

latest and greatest

i was desperate for a break from packing and cleaning for the big move next wednesday. i thought a would post a bunch of outfits from the past 2ish weeks. i've been so busy i could simply label the pictures as to whether i had actually showered that day.(usually no!)hopefully by the time we get to alabama, it will be warm enough to start busting out the spring clothes. also, please note the room transformation. love it. makes selling the house easier, but makes leaving the house harder. i miss that 1992 border print like i miss a big zit.

fave item- besides the hanes t? the necklace that i made as a result of a relief society meeting. and i know skinny jeans are all the rage, but my heart beats quickly for a bell bottom or wide leg. and for classic rock.

fave item- deep v-neck t from target. $6. i need a new one. i love it over a button-up shirt.

fave item- white blouse with floral applique at neckline from the elle collection at kohl's. bought on clearance for $4 two christmases ago. one of my all time favorite white shirts. it deserves an award for being awesome.

fave item- i finally had an excuse to pile on the turquoise. we had our first house showing on this sunday and i couldn't even think to pull anything together so i grabbed old reliable here(black gap dress from 1999 heretofore to be referred to as old reliable or OR) and piled on the jewelry. it's my homage to ralph lauren. and my baby is so lucky to have a mama who loves to dress her in black too. thomas calls me his goth girlfriend, so scarlett must be my goth baby. after this we went and applied black eyeliner to our lips.

fave item- big white shell earrings. from wal*mart clearance for $2. thought they were perfectly tacky. but they remind me of summer and my personal style rule of never having to match or care about tackiness in summer. only 4 more months!

fave item- hanes t shirt. it was busy and this was a mismash of warm things. but i did attempt to do a modern hairstyle. lucky mag claims that the look of spring is a braided side pony. i tried it. and then i tried it again a few nights later. i think i may be too old. and i don't milk cows.

fave item- black sweater cape! like wearing a blanket.

fave item- blue button-up. i used to never wear button-up shirts, but this one has smitten me. i love it with black so much that i want write it creepy love notes with letters cut out from magazines.

fave item- rosette headband. i also thought i was too old for this look but scarlett won't wear it so i decided someone needed to. i hate waste. i added an extra rosette just to put it over the top.

fave item- yikes, this didn't photograph well. i am SURE it looked much better live. but from the looks of my face, i already knew it wasn't working. i did change the shoes to my gunmetal boots. the proportions are all wrong. thighs too big, waist too high. no gracias.

fave item- banana republic dress i bought for my golden birthday two years ago. silk. but too chill for winter so i had to add a longsleeve shirt so that i wouldn't freeze to death in church. the huge sleeves aren't conducive to cardigans.

fave item- cute little chambray shirt i found on the clearance rack at wal*mart. i'll pay 5 bucks for a trendy item from wal*mart any day.
a closer look:

and a word to the wise:

this picture is a prime example of bad proportions. this shirt, pants, boots combo chops me up like chop suey. you should never have 3 of the exact same porportions on your body like this. solution?
1. a more close fitting shirt, or a shirt that doesn't stop at the WIDEST part of my body. i can only imagine what i look like from the back.
2. wear non-boot shoes, perhaps something with a heel
3. a scarf or necklace or another longer layering piece to distract the eye
4. get back in bed, cry, and start over

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Mare and Bri said...

Okay seriously you have more fashion sense in your big toe than I can muster up for myself. but I love the blog and all the many fashion tips I am picking up. Good luck in Alabama and i am sure your family is going to miss you terribly!