Sunday, March 21, 2010

old house new house

old picture taking spot:

fave item- last year's easter dress. bought from chadwicks. so cheap. so cute. plus i had a 40% off coupon. either i am getting older or chadwicks is getting cuter.
ps- are easter dresses a big deal to you? they are to me. did you get a new one when you were little or do you still try and get a new dress now that you are an adult? this year may be a bit tight, but i am still going to try and squeeze a new easter dress into the budget. for tradition!

new picture taking spot:
fave item- new impressionist style floral flats from target. got them for 10 bucks. love them. they have a rubber sole and everything.


Meredith said...

Cute shoes and awesome new picture taking spot! :)

Paula said...

I totally went a bought a pack of hanes t-shirts and love them. logan even said he likes them-go figure. I didn't think he noticed things like that.

Ashley said...

Love love love your dress from last year. I want one just like it.