Sunday, March 21, 2010

back in black

remember a while back when i asked your opinion on which dress to get for my sister's wedding?
i ended up ordering the deep V martin + osa dress first and i LOVED it. that is until my husband said it looked too casual and too big on me. and that meant a lot coming from big T. his comments are usually the opposite. so, i took his words to heart and ordered cleopatra from shabby apple. i liked it. i wish i could say that i loved it. it was fun and pretty, but i didn't like the material used. it felt too much like a t-shirt. so, in short. martin + osa was the right fabric, wrong cut and shabby apple was okay cut, cheap material. and a little too see through as evidenced by the photo below. but that's my fault for not picking a black slip.

the only good shot of the front, and it's not a good picture of anything else:

nice and drapey, but i still pine for martin + osa. darn. and now they are all sold out. because i really need another black dress. really. i simply will never have enough.

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Lindsey said...

I took that picture with the white showing through! HA.