Friday, March 26, 2010

not excited

about this look making a comeback. really not excited. avert your gaze because it is going to be at wal*mart(natch), amusement parks, tire stores, restaurants, the lake and movie theaters. ALL SUMMER LONG. no one should wear this. this top is a headband and these "overalls" or not-so-overalls look painful. i am sure that no doctor could condone the wearing of these.

and you know who will wear this? teenage girls and moms who wish they were teenage girls and moms of teenage girls who wish they were still teenage girls. i shall dub this outfit, the "stretch mark magnifier". even if you are not a prude, you will want to throw a blanket over this fashion and modesty debacle. she might as well be wearing an ace bandage. at least that serves a purpose. this outfit screams, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME! I CAN'T MAKE GOOD DECISIONS! OBVIOUSLY, SINCE I PUT THIS MONSTROSITY ON!" but probably without the word monstrosity since i can't imagine a wearer of this outfit having any kind of diploma.

the end.

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Mare and Bri said...

Don't you hate the fashions that people think look good. And just think you are now sparing yourself the sight we get to see.... this outfit on 100 plus over weight women walking around crown center thinking they are hot stuff. Blah I hate that the unfashionable, trashy, too tiny for the too big styles come out to blind me all summer long!