Monday, February 08, 2010

spring into spring

though i am a committed lover of my personal color scheme, black, white and gray, occasionally i will start jonesing for some color. it is usually this time of year when all the missouri trees look like dry, split-endy hair and there is more ice and bone-chilling and soul-crushing gusts of wind than i can handle. that's when i need some color. not a lot. i could never do an all over full color outfit. i know my limits and what makes me happy in fashion. but lately, even my old stand-bys and not making the cut. i just want a few new items for my clothing repertoire to wear with all my black, white and gray pieces.
in no particular order.

1. the tiered skirt from down east basics in kiwi. i think this would look so great with so many of my gray items. but, it appears to have a drop waist style so i would probably buy it a size smaller so that i could wear it a little higher on my waist for a more current look. plus, it's jersey. BONUS. so if i want to leave it on the floor of my closet for 4 months and then pick it up and wear it on a whim, it will be wrinkle-free.

2. fitted sequin sweater from forever21. normally, blue and i run with different crowds. i just have never liked blue and i own only 1 blue thing in my closet, not counting denim. but, i really want to pair the sequins and that bright china blue with some of my black skirts. or open over a hanes t-shirt because i can't seem to get enough of them.

3. nautical stripe t-shirt from forever21. i don't buy the whole, "don't wear horizontal stripes EVER or you will look like a whale rule". i just don't. my rule is, "wear horizontal stripes if you darn well please and preferably if it's on a smaller part of your body". your posterior is never going to be a good place for stripes. but, we all had to suffer through that "juicy"-emblazoned-across-too-many-big-bums-ordeal of a few years ago and people throw fits about stripes? i digress. since i have been mistaken for a 13 year old boy, i can confidently wear stripes across my chest and not feel like a whale. plus, whatever this color is called(salmon, pale orange, bright peach, coral?), i love it and want to wear this with a high-waisted skirt in light blue. or peeking out from under a more serious blazer. or a dark, spaghetti strap dress.

4. beaded, paint stripey tunic from forever21. longsleeve gray t-shirt, cropped black pants a la audrey hepburn, ballet flats. done deal.

5. i am in love with this necklace tank from jc penney. but in coral, and that color is only available in stores. i could wear this with anything or nothing else. this shirt speaks for itself. i have a pair of bright yellow gladiator sandals that i think would love to be paired with this shirt and a pair of shorts and a gauzy tissue weight t-shirt.

6. i do believe these nude pumps from target will keep me from going over the edge until the trees starting blooming again. i love an all black outfit and a nude shoe. and i think they will be super adorable with a hanes t-shirt and rolled boyfriend jeans and a gigantic dramatic necklace once the weather warms up.

7. paint t-shirt from jcrew but they are hiding the link. worn over my pale blue pin stripe button up.

8. applique
t-shirt from jcrew. possibly with a black turtleneck? and a full skirt? and nude pumps?
9. necklace t-shirt from jcrew. but i am just torturing myself with this one. this was originally $152. and now it is sold out and only available on ebay. but i love it.

10. or this necklace t also from jcrew. also sold out. i am could have bought it a few months ago, but i told myself they would mark it down again. stupid stupid heidi.
a close up:
le sigh.

11. gray cardi from forever21. perhaps with the coral stripe t underneath?

12. graphic
pocket dress from target. my love of opaque black tights would have a field day with this one.

13. long sleeve red dress from target. i love the long sleeves. this dress looks more like a deep orange in real life. would look great with a long gold necklace and a tan. not that i advocate tanning. just an advocate of vitamin d. OR, nude fishnet tights and the nude pumps. holla!

14. d'orsay flats also from target. enough coverage to not look sloppy, enough foot nudity to show off by lime green toenail polish.

15. chambray shirt from old navy. it's like 1993 called and they want their shirt back. but i won't let them take it. black high waisted skirt, longsleeve white shirt underneath, layers and layers of colorful beaded necklaces, textured tights and sky high heels.

and on an unrelated note. i want these boots by cousin jessica. i saw some like them in the victoria's secret catalog last year and i almost died trying to get them but gave up because they aren't very practical. but i hate practicality and have reingnited my lust for them. i can't even explain it. love them.


Sarah Beck said...

love down east basics, love jcrew :)

Paula said...

I just got my downeast catalog in the mail and was loving the grey version of that skirt. Thanks for doing some shopping around for me. I hope you don't mind if I pick up a few of the things you posted (someone has a birthday in a few days:)

Carie said...

The yellow dress from tar-jay is currently on the clearance rack. I too love that ruffle skirt from de. Probably want mine in boring gray because that is how I roll. Love your style my friend. I say go for it all. As budget allows of course.

DMC Studios said...

I got that skirt at downeast in Dec in red. We had to wear red, black and white for our Christmas YW program and I had no red so that's what I ended up with. I got it for like 12 bucks too on the clearance rack. But I don't really like red so it hasn't been worn since--now I wish it were gray. dang.

Love all the clothes ideas.

Nicole said...

I am so wanting the jcrew necklace shirts too!!! That are FABULOUS!!!! Ugh! I really like the longsleve dress from Target too!

Viva La Fashion said...

i am in love with sequins at the moment. :)

Elaine said...

YOu have a good eye! I love allt hese pieces too!!! IT's like we have the same mind. I say it's great to have basics but it's better to have a few statement pieces to go with them! I'm still trying to work on that...

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