Monday, May 14, 2007

wedding dress blues

those of you that know me, know i despise my wedding dress. it is a fine dress. i have received many compliments on it. i just hate it and i want to kick the bag that it is in whenever i see it. i was one of those types that was constantly mentally planning her wedding. every flower arrangment, cake type, wedding announcement had to be meticulously studied to see if was to my liking. going to BYU really fed my habit. talk about wedding central. so, when i finally got engaged and went wedding dress shopping, you would have thought that i would have spent more time and energy into finding THE DRESS. i made several mistakes. one, was that i went by myself. most bridal magazines will tell you that you need to go by yourself to make the best decision. i disagree. i needed someone there to tell me that i needed to think and sleep on it before making a decision. two, was that the lady that owned the store, sweetheart bridal across from provo high school, was not wearing a bra. why did i buy a wedding dress from a lady not wearing a bra? third mistake, not trying on a bazillion dresses. i think i tried on 3. sometimes i am dumber than a box of hammers. fourth, i didn't even try on the dress i eventually bought. here is the story on that. after trying on all 3 dresses i made a decision. this dress here was the one i deemed the one. i can't tell you why i picked it, there is nothing about it that is ugly; it is a very lovely dress. just not me.

so, i make my deposit on my dress and as i am walking out of the store i see and ad for this dress here:

and i asked the bra-less owner if i can switch my deposit to this dress instead. all i had seen was the picture. again, there was nothing wrong with this dress. fine and lovely, but not me. i think my brain was trying to tell me to not be so hasty about my dress purchase, but of course i interpreted it to mean, just buy that one. so that is the dress i ended up with. bleah. i still get annoyed when i think about it. every once in a while i will have a dream(or nightmare) that i am planning my wedding all over again and i get to pick out a new dress. then i wake up and there is that dumb ol' dress hanging in my closet and i am all upset all over again. in order to cope psychologically with the knowledge that i HATE my wedding dress, i have collected many pictures over the last 5 years of possible new wedding dresses that i will someday purchase. for a while i had a collage on the back of my closet door. i figure by our 10 year anniversary i should get a new dress. just for fun. come to my house, we'll have a party.
you may be wondering what brought all this up again. it all goes back to blogstalking. we all do it. we peep at other people's friends blogs and wonder who they are. i was doing that a week ago when i happened upon this picture. i LOVE AND ADORE this girls dress. i have no idea who you are cute girl, but i want your dress. perhaps she will let me borrow it and i can retake some wedding photos in it. after the baby comes, of course. what kind of shotgun wedding would i be promoting? and my kids would be so confused.

great dress whoever you are! she would probably be very embarassed to know that a perfect stranger has her picture on a random blog. let's keep it our secret.

here are some more pictures of dresses i lovelovelove. or GOWNS(pronounced gahwns, darling).
so chic!!!

figure loving and hugging!

i don't like the top of this one, too boxy. but i love the fishtail hem over the pleated tulle.
gorgeous!!! sleek and simple.

this one was the top dress in my closet collage for about 2 years. then i saw it on a real person and it took my breath away.

fun little design.

part ballerina, part part flapper, all glamour girl.

thanks for humoring me.
note-miss universe pageant monday, may 28th 8pm CST. mark your calendars!!!


Sarah Beck said...

I hear you Heidi. I think the problem is fashion changes so much! I don't hate my dress. But I was so jealous of my sister's dress. I thought "I never saw anything like that when I was shopping." I just count my blessings that I didn't get married in the 80s. I have been to some member's houses and there's the prominently displayed picture circa 1987. The veil, the ridiculous sleeves. The tacky embroidary....I could go on....

Emily said...

Sarah's right! I'm counting my lucky stars that I wasn't married in the 80's. Anytime I see an 80's wedding picture, I always think that maybe its a joke picture, but its really not.
I think I tried to overcompensate for trends with my dress and try to find something really simple. I liked my dress fine, and it fit the occasion - my wedding was pretty casual. BUT- as you might have seen... I posted pictures from my sister SArah's wedding dress shopping last month - and I fell in love with one of the dresses and took a picture of sarah in it. i wish, wish, wish, they had that dress when i was doing MY shopping. Oh well. At least i have good memories of my wedding.

heidi, you seriuosly crack me up. I would just love to be at your party for your 10 year anniversary with a new wedding dress. i think it would be great!!!! i'm all there!

Valoree said...

I too hate my wedding dress. Little different situation but hate it! There are so many things about that day I would do differently now. Oh well...

Caroline said...

You are CRACKING me up. I think everyone has things about their wedding day they would change. I think your dress was pretty. I think it is good to not go over the top with dresses and be simple. Let me know when the party is-I'll so be there!

katherine said...

I love,love,love that you posted about how you hate your wedding dress. Like you, I was talked into something I really didn't want and then to make matters worse it didn't fit right. I looked fine in photos, but I still look at wedding magazines and think, if I could do everything over I'd choose this one!

Lachelle, Rob & Eliza said...

My mom hated her wedding dress. So when I got engaged and lived in a different state - she sent me out with my friends to find the perfect dress. Then I had to wait until she came into town before buying it. But she lost so many tears over her dress that she didn't want that happening to me! I loved my dress but alas - sold it to some cute Mormon girl last summer for some extra cash to buy baby stuff! :)