Monday, May 07, 2007

don't skirt the issue, dress your best!

the fashion world has proclaimed that this summer is the season of the dress and i couldn't be happier! i am completely tickled pink whenever i check the sunday ads and they are chock full of vivacious and flirty dresses!!! dresses are GREAT! they keep you cool in summer while you still look hot! few things are more youthful than a sundress, a ponytail and dangly earrings! naturally, the next thing for me to do is to proclaim this week, the week of the dress(or skirt)! sometime this week, please make a special effort to wear a dress or a skirt! take the plunge and shave your legs too! it will make your day! i promise! and if you are feeling especially daring in your fabulous frock, take a picture and send it to me! let's share our summertime beauty! i'll post it and we'll all oooh and aaaah!
i perused the internets today and i found some delicious and affordable dresses for your viewing pleasure!



super T

super T i bought this one last week! it can even work as a maternity dress! only $21.99

vickie's selection wasn't as inexpensive as the others, but they sure are fun!!!


Rachel said...

You have inspired me, but shave my legs? I will need a new spring dress for that! How would you wear half of those dresses though? Let's see some pictures of YOU in your dresses!

Paula said...

I too have your vision for the summer Heidi. I have told my family that this summer I want to be in dresses and skirts (am I wearing one to work today as well). I am out hunting for some cute deals currently and love some of your picks. I figure if I am going to be pregnant during the hot Georgia summer I am going to have to dress in things that will keep me cool and looking cute.

Question though, I have never ordered clothes online really because I always want to make sure it fits, the sites that you go to-are they reliable on sizes?

Valoree said...

I also am curious as to how you wear these dresses. Do you do a tee under it or a sweater or cardigan on top? I too would like to see your pictures.

Emily said...

I'm up for the challenge. I got a cute little red summery dress a while ago, and have only worn it twice. its time for that bad boy to come out of the closet!! I will send you a pic too!!!

heidiluxe said...

i am sure you are suggesting, "how do i wear these dresses and maintain a modicum of modesty?" well, 27 years of fighting the system has taught me a few "tricks" that enable you to wear nearly anything and remain true to our cause. just be prepared to layer and be thankful that EVERYTHING is air conditioned these days.
i think this has inspired a new post... stay posted, no pun intended.

heidiluxe said...

also, paulalluyah. the francesca's website often has good help on sizing tips. they will often say if something runs small. beware of their return policy though, some items are in no way returnable, even to a bricks and mortar store. yikes. francesca's does have a TON of stuff that will work as maternity. do y'all have one there?
victoria's secret-pretty true to size, but of course, snug, like they like it.
target-maternity, i think it all runs big. but the dress i just bought(non-maternity)is a medium and it has worked fine so far. very flowy.
forever21-run small, i normally wear a medium and go up to a large.
i hope this helps.

Meghan said...

Thanks Heidi, I have been drooling over dresses at JCrew that I can't afford and even if I could, would probably not spend the cash. So now maybe I can get a couple of cute dresses to wear in the heat of the south.