Wednesday, May 02, 2007

the not hot list

ray-ban wayfarers. i had a pair in light blue when i was 10 years old. i was hottt stuff. effortless and utterly cool, but only if you aren't trying too hard. and if a hollywood "girl" is wearing them, then they aren't cool and they are trying too hard. when i think of wayfarers i want to think of bob dylan, tom cruise, madonna early 80s, not mischa, fergie or nicole. don't ruin a good thing girls.
and fergie here brings me to another point, or two.
a-coco chanel said once that before you go out the door, remove one accessory. not a bad idea. too many accessories clutter an outfit. too bad there was no hope for this outfit in the first place.
b-high-waisted pants should be reserved ONLY for movies being made about the 1940s, the 1970s or if you are on That 70s Show. that is all. sad to say i must give fergie minor props; at least her pants fit her. mischa looks like she is hiding two fighting mice in her pants. and has she ever listened to fleetwood mac? can she name anyone in the band besides stevie nicks?
finally. the only time when you can get away with wearing high waisted pants other than the aforementioned times, is when you are being held hostage by strippers or street walkers and they give you two choices, high-waisted pants or these bikini pants. i will send anyone a prize if they can email me a picture of someone wearing these pants out in public. hopefully you won't know the person.


ventingzebra said...

Those bikini pants are aweful!

Sarah Beck said...

i agree. and mischa--if i hadn't seen the bikini pants pic i would have thought those were the ugliest pants i've ever seen

Emily said...

those are the nasiest jeans i've ever seen!!!

Caroline said...

You know good and well how I feel about those sunglasses!

Jessica said...

where do you find all your pictures from? they're hilarious. i especially laughed out loud about your fighting mice comment and mischa's jeans.

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