Tuesday, June 05, 2007

how do i get cool?

lately i have been feeling uncool. could it be the stroller i am always pushing? the sensible shoes i am forced to wear? the ever present ponytail/bun on top of my head? my behemoth purse/bag full of snacks and water bottles and diapers and notepads and books? perhaps, but maybe i just don't have the knack for "effortlessly cool" that some people have. you know? it's not an attitude thing or a money thing or a time thing or a pregnancy thing. there are just those people that have it. and i desperately peruse their blogs to see what they are wearing to see how i can get it. lately, my mind is just stale without their style inspiration.
like this morning, i am in the bathroom at the gym, because i can't go more than 5 minutes without a visit to my "office". i am chatting with shannon, one of the workout-aholics. she has just changed from sooper cute workout apparel to so-hottt-young-mom-on-that-make-without-looking-like-a-"mom" -outfit in record time. she looks like she could work at a cute boutique on the beach. and then the clincher, she says it is her goal to not look like she is 36. good night i thought the sky was going to fall in on me. 36!? i thought she was 28 tops, TOPS! anyway, she is my cool hero for the gym. and she has mastered the "young and cool" look without wearing teeny bopper clothing. nothing is more stale and age telling than a 50 year old woman shopping at express and looking like she is trying too hard.
anyway, maybe i just need a makeover. something unexpected to perk me up! let's face it, i have been doing the almost long hair, hot rollers look for quite some time. like more than 10 years. i recall driving to seminary way back in 1995 with hot rollers on my head. i have had a few more style mixed in between. (black hair, blonde hair, stripey blonde and caramel hair, brown hair, short short lesbian hair, short flippy pre-wedding hair, permed hair, wet slick it back in a bun hair, but i always come back to this.)
and what about bronzer? i have finally branched out into the 00s and bought bronzer. but i am self concsious about it. any tips from seasoned bronzer users?
finally, what spawned this long winded, garbled, slightly non-sensical post about me and my uncool vanity? this really fun site call frugal-fashionista! not that there is any real connection between the 2, but i had fun scouring it for inexpensive fashion ideas and finds. chchch-check it out!


katherine said...

I'm sure someone at the gym is thinking "I wish I had looked that good when I was preggers. And what georgous hair!!", cause that is what I think every time I see one of the pictures you post. Seriously I have "frumpy Mom syndrome" and WISH I could kick my style up a notch--but somehow between 6 am and 10 pm it doesn't seem to happen. Anywho--at least I MAKE it happen on Sundays, that's my one day to look classy not frumpy!

Paula said...

Next time you see your friend at the gym, ask her where she shops because I would love to know. I would love to look like a "cool mom" too. It is actually something I have been thinking about recently since I don't have to buy work clothes anymore and can start buying more casual clothes. I need to start building my post-baby wardrobe. As far as your jeans post, I must admit that I am jean snob now and have a hard time liking jeans that cost under 80-100 dollars. I like Citizens of Humanity and have 2 pairs that I wear ALL the time (well, not since my belly has grown). I want a pair of maternity Citizens but Logan isn't going for it.

Caroline said...

Sometimes I think you are obsessed!

Jessica said...

heidi, you are the coolest mom i know. one day i'll get myself together here and try to rival you. haha.